billys and mep

Look how I blend right in. Yep that is me with the world famous Billy Hill and the The Hill Billys. And yes, they are all named Billy. My love of The Billys (that is what us groupies call them) is pretty well know.

IMG_3682 copyIn fact my bestie Suz- took this shaming pic of me, listening to THE BILLYS on my phone one day. Hey what can I say- I love me a good harmony mixed with comedy.

It can be hard to explain, which is why I hung out with them the other day and made a little video that gives you just a taste of the Billy Magic.

The really good news? Over the Halloween season they have left their regular location (Golden Horseshoe Theater) and are performing plein air – at the new Halloween carnival setting (back behind Thunder Mountain). Whatever you do when you visit Disneyland- do not miss being a part of the Billy experience.  You will leave SMILING.

Here is why:

Actually it is from Jack Nicklaus. Or Jack Nicholson. Either or.


  Just a typical afternoon with the boys. Red-Neck sippy cups, vintage shopping and having fun. And yes, Jack used his own money and BOUGHT the Men Without Hats album. I have never felt older in my life. He then felt the need to make fun of my love of John Cougar Mellencamp. And when [...]

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AlbumTalk: Blame it on Cuba.


In an attempt to distance themselves from their Uncle Castro back in Cuba, the sisters added the ‘De-‘ to their last name when they came to America. The helmet hair and bushy eyebrow trend can only be considered  passive revenge for the whole Bay of Pigs thing. We retaliated with The Jonas Brothers. – - [...]

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AlbumTalk: When fame gives you a big head. And hat.


  Even though Elna had added the blue ribbon, Rigmor knew it was her old ‘Hot-Dog-on-a-Stick’ hat. And no matter how hard she sat and prayed it was still there when she opened her eyes. “How would anyone take their music seriously with a hat like that?” she thought. Something had to be done about [...]

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AlbumTalk: Its family night

To this day if Susie is sitting on an older man’s knee, listening to records, while being read to with the smell of coffee and Brill cream in the air she almost always thinks of SEX. Well that and her bizarre childhood- but usually just sex. . Okay, all together now …. ”Aaaawwkkwaaarrrddd”. And really? Was the [...]

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AlbumTalk: Get your shoes off my pillows

The title WAS going to be:  "Songs for divorced balding older man who is trying very hard to act hip to impress severely younger blonde women that they bring back to their furniture-less bachelor pad to listen to some cool tunes and lay around on Romper Room colored pillows so they can be stared at [...]

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AlbumTalk: The Christ Messengers

. Apparently you must pile the hair on your head as high as possible to receive Christ’s message.Let the Lord lift you up people. Lift, curl and hold…(A special thank you to Association member. MomZombie for this Album cover. If you have a sec. Check out her blog. She is hardly zombie-like at all.)

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AlbumTalk: Maddy Genets and Son

Before Chris Farley got his big break on SNL he played accordion with his parents. When he wasn’t available Meatloaf would fill in.

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AlbumTalk: Dance Party in High Fidelity

The dynamic duo Mike & Bob were hired for an album cover. And the creative meeting went a little something like this…. Mike: So Bob what are you thinking about for that Dance Party album cover? A shot of a dance in a gym? Or maybe a basement shot with some teenagers dancing? Bob: I’m [...]

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