IMG_5986Jim Abbott  is a very famous pitcher who pitchIMG_5925-1ed for several major league teams including the Anaheim Angels. And Jim has one hand. That’s right- he is ‘handicapped’ or in some circles  would have been called ‘special’ as a kid.

As a child he began his astonishing sport career by being giving opportunities from coaches and organizations like the present day Challenger League. This is a league designed to accommodate kids with special needs and handicaps. And guess what? It is AWESOME.


Over the weekend the boys Little League asked for volunteers to go and help out with a game between two Challenger teams. The boys were paired up with a ‘buddy’, and basically just shadowed or helped out as needed.


What a magical day. Such joy and love and friendship everywhere. And Jim Abbott? He patiently pitched the whole game. Such an honor and an inspiration. Thanks Jim, and thank you Challenger League for helping make EVERY kid feel like a star.


Swing and a miss: And open letter to Little League.


Dear National Little League- Thank you so much for banning composite bats  days AFTER the actual sign-ups AND the holiday season. You know the holidays right? That is when millions of parents spend hard earned money buy their kids toys and SPORT equipment as gifts right? And in case you haven’t checked the prices lately- [...]

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It’s not like I didn’t believe in my own son. Well actually, it is.


This week my boys go into their Little League AAA play-offs. They are going in as the first place team. Which is kinda astonishing to me. You see, Jack took 3 years off from sports. He played baseball one year and to say he ‘wasn’t all that good’ would be an understatement. It was the [...]

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Jiffy Fun

A SHORT video of my oddly shell-shocked children playing with fire, while I encourage them from behind the camera. Oh that and a retro snack…that I remember thinking was WAY COOL when I was a kid. Coolness factor still holds it turns out. And because Suzanne told me to: My madien name was Marcy Jill [...]

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