Seeing my mom surrounded by a million beer kegs is only one reason I enjoyed the kitchy oddness of the Huntington Beach Oktoberfest. It takes place on the grounds of the Old World Village which is part apartment complex, part thrift store and part bizzaro land. A few examples…

The pre-war German village features Jewish gifts, a Catholic Hispanic church and a miniature Matterhorn reproduction.

IMG_0659-1 IMG_0661 IMG_0670

And to add to that alternate universe on Sundays they have wiener dog races, sponsored by the coffee/ wiener dog store, that sells charming wiener dog items.

And yes. The dogs dress for dinner the races.

IMG_0689-1 IMG_0669-1 IMG_0690

But wait. There’s more.

The chicken dance is lead by none other than a giant chicken who shakes his tail feather to the sounds of a very authentic oompa band. Complete with lederhosen and German accents.

IMG_0665-1 IMG_0675-1

But yes. There is beer being served by buxom ladies, merchandise and face cut-out thingies. Which actually made me think I would love one of these for video calls. No need to change out of my PJs….

IMG_0676-1 IMG_0680 IMG_0684-1

Finally we hung out in a coffee shop (a different one than the wiener dog one. Yeah this one was RIGHT NEXT DOOR) that had movie seats for seating. Which after all that we had seen- seemed perfectly normal.

Good times.

Next time you should come with us.


Yes, my mom and I look a lot alike. I know. : )

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