Family Field Trip: Reagan Museum and Library


Some day I like to image my boys being President of the United States.   Or maybe just actors who play the President of the United States. OR Actors who become the President of the United States. You know, like this dude. Ronald Reagan. This past weekend we were on a ‘Hock-cation’ (when we have [...]

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Work/Life Balance is so old school.


As I often do, I end up in conversations with just about every person I sit next to on a plane. I like to learn about where they work, their family where they are headed. Of course they ask about my life too. And without a doubt they almost always ask “How to you balance [...]

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I still hate the darn pink ribbon thing. Maybe even more now.


I asked my PA to pick up some gum for my giant bowl of gum that I keep in my office. I am a bit addicted to Orbitz Bubblegum, so she bought several ‘buckets’ and brought them back. I opened up the buckets and poured out. And that was when I saw this… Stupid pink [...]

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AdTalk: Special outfits for special people


Well looky here- it’s an ad for a Fishin Suit. Not to be confused with a FISH-ING suit, which is a totally different thing. Cuz this-a-here is a genuine FISHIN suit, which is more casual and fun and includes solid metal O rings. It’s available in a rainbow of colors for both men and women [...]

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Let’s experiment shall we?

Picture 154p

Hypothesis: Having a decidedly (and deceivingly) more attractive, more skin showing, more remotes bed showing- profile pic lead to more crazies circling you on Google+? Well, folks let’s see…. I changed my G+ profile pic from: From this—————>    To this———————>  At the suggestion of a follower, who saw it in this previous post. I [...]

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Happiness Starts Here


There was a time, I would dress my children in adorable coordinating ‘fall-ish’ outfits and take them to several pumpkin patches before Halloween. Sure, we would get a pumpkin- but the real purpose was to get great photos. Look here is proof I was an insane mom:    Yeah well…THIS year that didn’t exactly happen. [...]

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Occupy Wall Street is the dumbest best thing ever. Wait-What?


I have been avoiding this post. But this post will not avoid me. It is plaguing me. I think about this post all.the.time. I have to write this post- if not for you- but for my sanity. I am cautious- because I know how brutal the internet is…but here goes nothing…   (CON)                                                              (PRO)   [...]

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BrandTalk: The power of positive campaigns.


I remember once a drama teacher (or as he preferred to be called with his English accent a  ‘Theater Instructor’) giving me advice about how to play a scene, and it is advice that I find myself using daily. “Never play the negative.” Huh? I looked at him confused. It was a scene where I [...]

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[Marcy’s Pick]My 5 favorite documentaries for creatives.

I have decided instead of buying several  $7.00 magazines that bore me to death or books that can’t hold my attention when I travel, I spend about $2.99 and rent a movie download from iTunes. Once you download you have 28 days to watch, and once you start watching you have 24 hours to finish. [...]

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