When I was 8 years old I went to see a live stage performance of Grease. My grandmother and my mom, kept saying how excited they were to see some woman named Cloris Leachman who was playing the role of the principal.

It was one of the first stage performances I had seen, and it pretty much solidified my passion for the theater. I remember leaving the theater that day so relieved; I now knew exactly what I was going to be when I grew up. I was going to be Cloris Leachman.

Well, not exactly of course- but I was committed to being on stage and making people laugh and basically captivating audiences for brief moments in time. I have been a Cloris fan since then, and watched in joy as she has had a long and wonderful career.

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to meet Cloris. She was just as I would have imagined- spunky, feisty and sharp as a tack. Her comedic timing is amazing…and the way she controlled the room as she gave away copies of her books was inspiring.

cloris copyp

If you don’t know who Cloris is, or why I love her…take a look at her recent video. Created to mock the ‘GoDaddy’ commercials with the hottie Danica (race car driver gal and others) here:

The way to have a life is to say ‘yes’.

IMG_0243 copy

I was honored to be a guest in Tracey Clark’s home this weekend (Yes, that Tracey Clark) for a private reading by none other than author, Karen Maezen Miller (Yes, that Karen Maezen Miller). Her latest book is a lyrical triumph of observations of the extraordinary universalities found in all our ordinary lives. There are [...]

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AdTalk: Bowling makes me HAPPY


“Instead of bowling, Janie decided to entertain the on-lookers with her Irish Jig across the lanes.”   Perhaps inspired by Alice, I have made plans to go BOWLING on a date night with my husband and another couple. I have never really officially bowled before. Oh I have put on the shoes, ordered a beer [...]

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The classics. As I see it.


Okay the suspense is killing me. Can anyone please tell me WHAT the top secret Christmas-tree shaped project is??? What could it be? One of Marie’s dolls? How about plans for another creepy brother-sister talk show come back? Maybe it is the book of Mormon as told by Father Osmond. Oh someone tell me!

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AlbumTalk: Blame it on Cuba.


In an attempt to distance themselves from their Uncle Castro back in Cuba, the sisters added the ‘De-‘ to their last name when they came to America. The helmet hair and bushy eyebrow trend can only be considered  passive revenge for the whole Bay of Pigs thing. We retaliated with The Jonas Brothers. – - [...]

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My good fortune. Or not.


I am one of those stupid people who actually open up their mass produced fortune cookie after Chinese food with the hope that it will contain actual wisdom passed down to me from Buddha himself. In my HEAD I know they are just made up stupidness printed at a factory in San Francisco, but part [...]

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His off season…


You may recall I saw Santa recently at a car show, and last week I ran into him in Newport. I wasn’t sure at first it was him, but the front of his shirt said ‘North Pole’ and the back? Well, as you can see…I am certain it was HIM.

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The cat isn’t even black.


So I was thinking now that I have become a minister, I might want to start becoming other stuff too. You know just for a killer business card. Marcy Massura Wife, Mother, Blogger, Minister and Mystic Master Witch.   I am particularly attracted to the part in the ad which promises “Freedom From Worry”. I [...]

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My Crabby Fun


Yesterday we had another great time meeting friends at Joes Crab Shack in Newport Beach. (Remember our first visit?) That is my friend Dan showing off this King Crab leg to the table, with the killer Newport Bay view behind. I love this place because your food comes in a bucket, they have endless paper [...]

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