I had a wonderful time recently working the red carpet for Disney California Adventure Cars Land opening event. I interviewed tons of amazing people including Bob Iger, Tom Staggs, Andy Garcia, John Ratzenberger and many many others. Those interviews are coming soon…


But meanwhile, see how I interviewed (or didn’t) John Lasseter from Pixar.

It was ‘memorable.’

See? I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to talk to me. Clearly I am totally normal and was taking the whole thing seriously. But really John- You were the ONLY A-lister who didn’t stop by and chat…. so, I think this deserves you to hire me to do voice work on your next movie.

Seems totally fair.


Cars Land Media Preview and why Tom Staggs is my favorite.


Tom Staggs is my favorite Disney executive that I have the pleasure of knowing. (sidenote: I still love you too Bob Iger.) Tom speaks from the heart, and is genuinely excited about the changes that have occurred at the Disney California Adventure over the past year. The transformation is nothing but remarkable. New entrance, entirely [...]

Oh you gotta read the rest….

Disney California Adventure: Cars Land Save the Date


Excited to share with you the Save the Date announcement for the new Cars Land opening at Disney California Adventure. I will be attending some private preview events (and will share with you whatever I am allowed to) prior to the big big extravaganza on June 13-15th. I am so honored to be a part [...]

Oh you gotta read the rest….