As mentioned earlier in the week I just spent 4 days in Vegas with my children. Something I do not recommend. In fact if you can not afford a baby sitter to watch your children while you go drink and gamble then perhaps you should not be going to Vegas after all. Let me repeat- Vegas is not at ALL for children. In fact, in many ways it is anti-children.

So why did I do it? To research this post for you of course. Okay that is a lie. Actually Tucker had a hockey tournament and for reasons that are still a blur we thought it would be neat to bring the whole darn family. Clearly not one of my better decisions.

BUT, I thought I would take the opportunity to write a little post in case you are also stuck in Vegas with children.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum:

Where: Outside of the Venetian

Price: expensive but pick up one of the million coupon books for $5 off

Killer photo opportunities, great sets and lots and lots of fun. A cross eye’d George W Bush, Tiger, Bette and a zillion more.


Coke Store

Where: On strip by MGM Way

Price: Free to enter, and the flight of 16 flavors from around the world only $7.00

This was really unexpected fun. Two floors of cute Coke merchandise (even though I am 100% Pepsi gal forever) and this super fun way to try different flavored sodas from around the world. Look how excited I am- and it was Peru Soda for the win BTW.


Marcy Free Tip: Taking a series of random photos with the kid in a hotel. Always entertaining….


Venetian and Bellagio Hotel

Where: See above

Price: free

Both of these hotels are worth a walk thru…or float thru actually. You can ride the gondolas at the Venetian (um, very not free) and of course pose by the ever changing themed gardens at Bellagio.

 IMG_0056 IMG_3052



Fun Dungeon

Where: Excalibur Hotel

Price: Free to enter

This is not my favorite hotel. In fact it is the 3rd worse on the strip. BUT the only thing it has going for itself is a decent game room in the basement.



M&M Store

Where: On the strip by the Coke store

Price: Free to enter

It is an astonishing 4 floors of M&M merchandise. But a fun stop for the kids. Pick up an M&M dispenser, some PJs, a Key chain or heck even a new M&M purse. And on the top floor they have a 3D movie theater showing what else…a movie starring the M&M characters.


Pawn Stars Shop

Where: Gold and Silver Pawn on the very top end of the strip on the way to Freemont street.

So we never expected to go in, but when we arrived and found no line we did. It looks exactly like on TV minus all the TV stars. Oh and half the shop is all merchandise for the show. So if you are looking for a “I love Chumly beach towel” this is the place. A civil war artifact? The cases are pretty empty.




New York Roller Coaster

Where: New York New York Hotel

Price: Can’t recall. Not insane..

Jack can not stop talking about how fun this coaster was. It goes in and out around the ‘New York’ skyline and he said it was FAST.


Of course there are some other things to do as well. MGM has a CSI experience that was okay, and we saw the Cirque du Soleil show at the Bellagio called O- which was mind blowing good. But please be careful. Vegas is NOT a place for kids. Not for ANY kids of ANY age. If you stand still in a casino even to tie your shoe- you will get noticed by security and asked to get the minor out. And forget Circus Circus. That place is pretty much where The People of WalMart go to vacation. So out dated and they have sales vendors in your face trying to sell you everything from timeshares to yo-yos. It was ridiculous.

And you know what happens to kids who stay in Vegas too long?

Well, it changes them…

Just look what happened to sweet little Jack…


: )


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