Well looky here- it’s an ad for a Fishin Suit.

Not to be confused with a FISH-ING suit, which is a totally different thing.

Cuz this-a-here is a genuine FISHIN suit, which is more casual and fun and includes solid metal O rings. It’s available in a rainbow of colors for both men and women all the way up to Uncle Bobs size a 4XL.

So next time you are gonna go hit the water to catch y’all some supper,

Remember to dress for dinner and wears you a FISHIN SUIT!

MarcyNote: Can you see the pain in that poor girls eyes? She was so excited to get her first modeling job. And then they told her to pull on the poplin jumpsuit and she wanted to run. But rent was due. So she zipped up her two way zipper and smiled.



Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart 2011 Interview


  Do I look overly excited? Well, I was…After all I have been watching and loving the careers of Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart for a LONG time. And when I had the opportunity to sit in on a very intimate press conference with the two of them, I was thrilled. So what are [...]

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Wonder if they make a contraception sock too.

SkyMall never ever fails to entertain me. Remember this from years ago? Well, lookie-here…Now you can by shoes with SPERM as their logo. Oh least you think this is some kind of cultural accident (like the shirts made in Japan that try to say American phrases like “Let’s Rock and Roll Baby!” and instead their [...]

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The official guide to Facebook profile pics.


Along with this new world of social media, comes new unspoken rules and understandings. One of the most significant aspects of all social sites (Twitter, Facebook, Linked in etc) is the Profile Picture. Not to make you stress over it more than you already do, but CHOOSE carefully. That pic tells the internet a lot [...]

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How to solve the problems of the world.

Bumper Sticker; I think less of you when you wear Ed Hardy. No I really really do. MUCH LESS.

Every time I mention Ed Hardy I get awesome feedback. Remember the Ed Hardy car?  Well, The Association is always working hard to fix all things wrong with the world. Starting with ED HARDY deep v-neck shirts with rhinestones and glitter made for MEN. But maybe these guys JUST DON’T KNOW how gay bad they [...]

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AdTalk: The lament of the morning after…

  “Damn. Now I lost my favorite earring AND my virginity.”   Visit entire AdTalk Series HERE  

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SkyWatch Friday

IMG_3430 copy

Yorba Linda Country Club, California   The funny thing about Southern California is while it is usually 90 degrees on Christmas it can very easily be cloudy and a cool 65 degrees on the first day of Summer vacation. Newscasters around here like to call it ‘June Gloom’. But it never stops my kids from [...]

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AdTalk: Bowling makes me HAPPY


“Instead of bowling, Janie decided to entertain the on-lookers with her Irish Jig across the lanes.”   Perhaps inspired by Alice, I have made plans to go BOWLING on a date night with my husband and another couple. I have never really officially bowled before. Oh I have put on the shoes, ordered a beer [...]

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The classics. As I see it.


Okay the suspense is killing me. Can anyone please tell me WHAT the top secret Christmas-tree shaped project is??? What could it be? One of Marie’s dolls? How about plans for another creepy brother-sister talk show come back? Maybe it is the book of Mormon as told by Father Osmond. Oh someone tell me!

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