img_2709-1This weekend we ventured out on another Family Field Trip. It has been a while since Little League, tennis, soccer and the damn pig have consumed our weekends the last few months. And since The Husband was back from Korea and off to Guatamala this week- we thought we should make the most of our Sunday together. Jack has been wanting to find a good vintage clothing store- and I knew the perfect place to go; my old ‘hood. I lived off Melrose Ave.  for close to 4 years in my pre-baby/husband life and it is a street full of great vintage shops. So off we went. Jack was able to find a few great things to add to his vintage look, and we all had a good time looking at the silly clothes that find their way into second hand stores. Oh wait the next store isn’t open? Just stand there by the obnoxious red wall while we wait and let me get a photo k? Look how thrilled they are to model for me.  By now the kids were starving, because it had been like a whole HOUR since they ate last so we decided to head to downtown to visit Coles. Coles was opened in 1908 and has REMAINED open all that time. Oh and they invented this sandwich you may have heard of; THE FRENCH DIP. The place looks like you are stepping back in time, and the food does not disappoint. I highly reccomend this place if you find yourself anywhere near downtown LA. Oh and take it as a warning that when a resturant calls their special sauce img_2772-copy“Atomic Mustard” the emphasis is on ATOMIC. Hot hot stuff. Of course that didn’t stop me from using it.

Mmmmm. I love L.A.


Family Field Trip: Angelo and Vinci’s

There is a restaurant in Downtown Fullerton (Sorry out-of-CA readers,more OC talk) called Angelo’s and Vinci’s. I have been coming to this place since I was a kid, and I still adore it. It is a feast for the eyes. The entire interior is a cornucopia (and I rarely don’t use that word often) of [...]

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Digging myself a hole.

  Remember that 4H thing my son got me involved in a few weeks back cuz he wanted to raise a pig for profit? Well somehow that turned into me spending my Saturday morning into planting plants in a nature preserve in Newport Beach. In the light rain. Can you stand all the glamour in [...]

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Family Field Trip: back to Temecula…cuz its that fun.

  When the boys saw the checkers table in the gelato shop Jack yelled ‘Look mom we will be like old Italian Men!". And they were, eating their sweet treat while playing a good game of checkers. Later Tucker found a record store and had a great time looking thru the bins while Dean Martin [...]

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Family Field Trip: Mission San Juan Capistrano

Only 31 miles from my home is one of the oldest buildings in California. This mission was founded in 1776 by Father Junipero Serra. Father Serra is well know figure in early Californian history. Every 4th grader learns all about Father Serra and the history and purpose of his California Missions up and down our [...]

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Family Field Trip: Temecula, Calif.

What? She took her kids on another ‘field trip’? Yup. I like to get the most out of the winter break…so I try to do one thing a day with the kids. And today we drove about 50 miles to the town of Temecula. It is an old cowboy town. And thanks to the surge [...]

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Family Field Trip: Watson’s Drug Store

  Watson’s has been right where it stands for over 100 years. It is still a working drug store with a pharmacy as well as a wonderful diner. Offering a wide aray of long forgotten sodas and shake combinations. My grandparents came to Watson’s, my parents came to Watson’s and today I took my boys [...]

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Family Field Trip: Bowers Museum

My kids love art… So we took a visit to Bowers Museum in Santa Ana today. And saw a bunch of old stuff. Of course I could have done without the exhibit on death and burial rituals with graphic videos playing every time I turned a corner. “No mommy doesn’t know why they are dancing [...]

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Gettin’ lit up for Christmas.

We went looking at a Christmas light spectacle near our home tonight. Streets and streets of insane  people who not only decorate every single thing on and around their homes, some also serve hot chocolate, have live bands and put out chairs for you to sit and enjoy. We walked several blocks, taking in the [...]

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