As digital marketers we are always looking for tips, tricks and rules to follow to achieve success. We crave pocketable knowledge that can be comprehended and actioned easily. We want filters to run our ideas and strategies by before executing. But mainly- marketers love lists…

So I give you my new Twitter series #socialrules.

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Marcy’Social: Winning strategies for war and more.


When I heard the word ‘strategy’ in my past life (read: pre-digital career), I often pictured a war general in a war room looking sternly at a large map, preparing his next best step for combat. Deciding where to engage the enemy and what maneuver was going to make sense to help him achieve his [...]

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Riding with strangers (Trusting will get you there)


Yesterday I flew to a new city. Minneapolis. Some place I had never been in all my 41 years. I got off the plane and was deposited into an unfamiliar airport. I walked slower than normal try to determine where the cab line was outside the doors. Finally, I just did the unthinkable- and asked [...]

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