I saw him stuffing his new school id and some cash into a wallet. I grabbed his hand and asked where he found it. “Under my bed. In a box of a bunch of old stuff’.

Yes. A box of ‘old stuff’- childhood memories of artwork and school awards and well…this wallet. It is a special wallet for a lot of reasons- and the fact that he was enjoying it’s use at age 15 in some ironic hipster fashion made me smile.

The story of this wallet- made its way into the OC Register last year….


Watching your kids grow up is hard.

Watching them grow up awesome is amazing.

Greatest gift. EVER.


Recently I took a Disney cruise through Alaska. More on that whole experience later but for now let’s take a look at the world’s greatest gift a mother could have ever received. Here is the story: All over the Disney ships are photo studios. No really, they are back drops and lights and profesh photogs [...]

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Disneyland’s new show: Mickey’s Magical Map


People who ask me for ‘which ride should I go on first’ when they visit Disneyland, are always a little surprised when I encourage them to plan some of their day around the great shows and entertainment found all over The Disney Resort.  This summer, at the Fantasyland Theater in Disneyland is a fun, fresh [...]

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Disneyland’s Billy Hill and The Hilly Billys. AND ME.

billys and mep

Look how I blend right in. Yep that is me with the world famous Billy Hill and the The Hill Billys. And yes, they are all named Billy. My love of The Billys (that is what us groupies call them) is pretty well know. In fact my bestie Suz- took this shaming pic of me, [...]

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Frankenweenie: Chatting with producers Allison Abbate and Don Hahn at Disney’s new art exhibit

IMG_8401-001p copy

Once my Baby Jack had a goldfish that I brought back to life. Three times. Well, not really- but after goldfish #1 floated to the top of the bowl one day, The Husband would bring home a new goldfish after work and when Baby Jack was distracted I would plop Goldfish #2 (and later #3 [...]

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Marcy goes Mad: Disney’s Mad T Party


Disney has been known as a nighttime dancing destination since the say it opened. My mother talks about going after a certain hour in the 60’s for mere pocket change, to listen to the latest band and of course DANCE. Well the tradition continues this year at Disney’s California Adventure with the addition of Mad [...]

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John Lasseter clearly doesn’t know who I am.


I had a wonderful time recently working the red carpet for Disney California Adventure Cars Land opening event. I interviewed tons of amazing people including Bob Iger, Tom Staggs, Andy Garcia, John Ratzenberger and many many others. Those interviews are coming soon… But meanwhile, see how I interviewed (or didn’t) John Lasseter from Pixar. It [...]

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Cars Land Media Preview and why Tom Staggs is my favorite.


Tom Staggs is my favorite Disney executive that I have the pleasure of knowing. (sidenote: I still love you too Bob Iger.) Tom speaks from the heart, and is genuinely excited about the changes that have occurred at the Disney California Adventure over the past year. The transformation is nothing but remarkable. New entrance, entirely [...]

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Disney California Adventure: Cars Land Save the Date


Excited to share with you the Save the Date announcement for the new Cars Land opening at Disney California Adventure. I will be attending some private preview events (and will share with you whatever I am allowed to) prior to the big big extravaganza on June 13-15th. I am so honored to be a part [...]

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