The members of Tonix saved so much on their group discount at ‘Wigs R Us’ they were able to afford the upcharge from the photographer for the lens flare making the sequin ‘starbursts’ extra special. Because nothing says ‘we are rockers’ than a sequin starburst on your album cover. Yup, hardcore rockers are all about sparkles.

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Swedish Rock Band #9: The Saints

Yup, nothing says dance band like a an album cover photo taken at the community pool. Well that and those sweet satin jumpsuits and powder blue platform HEELS. And the guy in front with the fu-man-chew mustache doesn’t look much like a saint if you ask me. Hey is that Leif Garrett in the back? [...]

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Swedish Rock Band #8 : The Milles

While I realize this looks more like a brochure for a touring gymnastic group (Like Cirque de Gaylay)I assure you this is indeed another Swedish Rock Band Album cover. We’ve got The Thinker in the middle and the guy in the center back is channeling Rick Springfield while ‘I’m-so-cool-I-gotta-wear-shades’ boy is leaning back on him [...]

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Swedish Rock Band #7: Norrlandspojkarna med Inger

“Can you get your mom to get out of the shot please? I don’t care if she did make our shirts- she can not be on the album cover.”   I found them here. And because the contents of their blog are SO SHOCKINGLY FUNNY. I absolutely must copy the best of it here. I [...]

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Swedish Rock Band #6 : Zandra

      “Sven was bummed his costume ripped before the photo session. But was certain no one would even notice once he used his hand-across-the-waist pose to hold it closed.” Okay now let’s play ‘Find the Ascot’!…do you see it? Do you? Clearly he was the fashion forward member of the group. (See all [...]

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Swedish Rock Band #5: Skip’z

Hey everybody, its time to listen to the sounds of “Skip’z”! I think as the series progresses they are getting worse better and better. Let me introduce you to the band. From L to R. There is Agustas who is holding his air-pool cue. And Einar who blows his sax till either his ears pop [...]

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Swedish Rock Band #4: Thor~Erics

  Thor: Come on guys! my cousin is a professional photographer and has a studio in his basement. He has a groovy brown backdrop and a killer hair-light. He can make us look awesome! Erics #2: Fine. But I need time to get my hair done first. Looks like all the members of Thor~Eric had [...]

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Swedish Rock Band #3: Jan Kenths

  Yeah BACK lighting is just what this band needs. It shows off their thinning hair and receding hair-lines perfectly. Not to mention Mr. Business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back guy with the sweet micro mustache. All the chicks must have thought he was the HOT one. Hey ladies, how glad are you WHITE pants for men went out of [...]

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Whaaa? Swedish Rock Band #2

Sven: Jeez, did we have to let cousin Larry in the band? Thor: We didn’t have a choice. His mom bought us the keyboard and amps. (Now it is your turn to guess which one is Larry. I know it is obvious. Poor Larry.)

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