I had a wonderful time recently working the red carpet for Disney California Adventure Cars Land opening event. I interviewed tons of amazing people including Bob Iger, Tom Staggs, Andy Garcia, John Ratzenberger and many many others. Those interviews are coming soon…


But meanwhile, see how I interviewed (or didn’t) John Lasseter from Pixar.

It was ‘memorable.’

See? I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to talk to me. Clearly I am totally normal and was taking the whole thing seriously. But really John- You were the ONLY A-lister who didn’t stop by and chat…. so, I think this deserves you to hire me to do voice work on your next movie.

Seems totally fair.


Hell has frozen over. Plan accordingly


So I was on the cover of a magazine the other day. Did I forget to mention that? And I was also featured on the inside too. You can read the article here There is this tagline area just under my name that made me giggle. I don’t know if I have ever been described [...]

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Kid-Friendly Vegas? Stuff you can do with the littles in sin city.


As mentioned earlier in the week I just spent 4 days in Vegas with my children. Something I do not recommend. In fact if you can not afford a baby sitter to watch your children while you go drink and gamble then perhaps you should not be going to Vegas after all. Let me repeat- [...]

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Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart 2011 Interview


  Do I look overly excited? Well, I was…After all I have been watching and loving the careers of Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart for a LONG time. And when I had the opportunity to sit in on a very intimate press conference with the two of them, I was thrilled. So what are [...]

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A chat with Jodi Benson (Yup, the real Ariel)


After the opening ceremony of the Little Mermaid attraction last week, a few of us were given a rare opportunity to chat informally with Jodi Benson- The voice of Ariel herself. (she is also the voice of Barbie and more btw). We talk about the ride, but also about how her kids saw the movie [...]

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Family Field Trip: Melrose Ave. and Coles

This weekend we ventured out on another Family Field Trip. It has been a while since Little League, tennis, soccer and the damn pig have consumed our weekends the last few months. And since The Husband was back from Korea and off to Guatamala this week- we thought we should make the most of our [...]

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Family Field Trip: Angelo and Vinci’s

There is a restaurant in Downtown Fullerton (Sorry out-of-CA readers,more OC talk) called Angelo’s and Vinci’s. I have been coming to this place since I was a kid, and I still adore it. It is a feast for the eyes. The entire interior is a cornucopia (and I rarely don’t use that word often) of [...]

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Family Field Trip: back to Temecula…cuz its that fun.

  When the boys saw the checkers table in the gelato shop Jack yelled ‘Look mom we will be like old Italian Men!". And they were, eating their sweet treat while playing a good game of checkers. Later Tucker found a record store and had a great time looking thru the bins while Dean Martin [...]

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Family Field Trip: Mission San Juan Capistrano

Only 31 miles from my home is one of the oldest buildings in California. This mission was founded in 1776 by Father Junipero Serra. Father Serra is well know figure in early Californian history. Every 4th grader learns all about Father Serra and the history and purpose of his California Missions up and down our [...]

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