What: Taco Asylum

Where: The Camp, Costa Mesa (funky outdoor mall space)

2937 S. Bristol St,
B102 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

When: Has been in this location for over 1 year

Deets: This is a plain space with astonishingly gourmet food. The have taken the taco to new heights,  that in the end leave you yearning for more.

The Cool: they have a permanent Twitter Fall behind the bar. Tweet them and tell them you heard about it from me (@tacoasylum)

Who; Went with my fellow foodie critic in training, none other than the world famous Jack Massura.

The Menu:


The Space:

Note the custom hot sauce blends. Including the world famous (hottest pepper in the world) Ghost Chili sauce. And yes we tried it. And yes, WE REGRETTED trying it. And yes, WE TRIED IT AGAIN.

IMG_4568-001 IMG_4578

The Grub:

We tried the duck, the steak and the short rib. All of them amazing. Doggie shot is gratuitous. He was in the cute doggie store next door. I think he wanted a fancy taco too :)


We walked across the street to The L.A.B. (the hispster magnet anti-mall, more here) and took pics of ourselves in a book store.  Because that is just what we do…IMG_4601 copy

But Jack kept saying stupid things. And then smiling and, I kept making faces about the stupid things and well- all we ended up with was this. Which in the end pretty much sums us up….. Dorks.IMG_4593IMG_4594

What kind of things does Mr. Jack say while shopping?

Oh he picks up a baby sock and says- “Oh look Mom, it’s a cozy for a shot glass! You need this for Mother’s Day- that way your vodka won’t slip out of your hand anymore!”…and he says it loud enough for 3 other people in the store to look at me in disgust.

But I get revenge by taking this bad photo of him, and promise to post it on the internet.

BOOYAH Mr. Jack.


We wrapped up this mother/son afternoon by fighting over the last copy of Pawnee at Urban Outfitters. Then realizing we live in the same house and can share it. We iz smart.


It was a perfect day. With one of my favorite people on the planet.

Oh, and the added bonus? I made him : )

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