“Coming soon. A story of feline love lost and found all while wearing stunning headbands. A must see.”


“I laughed, I cried…I purred!”

-Sam Catburg, The Feline Times

“A moving tail. No really- it moves.”

Sara Collared, The Cat Street Times


“The glamor of the early days of pet life in America. When a man was a man and a cat was a cat.”

John Furried, Meow Today Show

You’ve been cheek’d. And other reasons I never want to go into a bar again.


Sooo you all know that I am fairly public about how I feel about Klout. And my opinion is probably different than what you are thinking. You can read it here)….but when I was awarded this ‘perk’ yesterday I had to giggle. Apparently this is some kind of company that prints business cards that link [...]

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How to give a keynote and not die. Much.


I highly recommend driving around Chicago in a convertible. And those hanging things? Those are my idea bulbs at the Weber Shandwick Chicago office. Recently I did something I have never done before. Which isn’t all that surprising since I do things I haven’t done before nearly every day. Because my life motto is… “Bite [...]

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This could totally happen.


I have a love hate relationship with infographics. Because I am a highly visual person- I love to SEE statistics come to life. But sometimes, when I see about 9 MILLION A DAY I start to think- WHEN WILL THIS END? And when I asked Jack to do his homework after school he replied “How [...]

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How I know prayer works.


It’s like I always say “for a little pep and vigor, grab a donut kids!”

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AdTalk: Special outfits for special people


Well looky here- it’s an ad for a Fishin Suit. Not to be confused with a FISH-ING suit, which is a totally different thing. Cuz this-a-here is a genuine FISHIN suit, which is more casual and fun and includes solid metal O rings. It’s available in a rainbow of colors for both men and women [...]

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PSA: Something else for the kids to worry about.

School is starting soon (for some of you lucky parents it already has). Which means it is the perfect time to post this public service announcement. Sit down with your kids and discuss this issue. Cooties. It can happen to anyone.

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Look who came to dinner.


A few nights ago, the Wienermobile stopped by my house. Because it is perfectly normal in my life to have a giant food product on wheels in front of my home. The two ‘Hot Doggers”, Maria and Patrick were just finishing up their entire year on the road, and I invited them over for dinner. [...]

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Keyboard Kitty 2.0

GlamCat (aka Mozy) likes to come into my office and lay right across my desk. Oh she doesn’t do  when I am not there…..actually she ONLY does it when I am there.  So I pet her and tell her she is a good kitty and she refuses to move.  And while I would love to [...]

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