Few places have held more allure for me than Google headquarters. I’ve never had much interest in visiting Microsoft or even Facebook- but the Google campus has always intrigued me. I have seen articles about the ‘wacky’ interiors and workspaces. I recall reading an article years ago about the tent-like work spaces and napping pods. It all seemed to be in high contrast to the brilliant thinkers and innovation factory.

And so last week I was able to visit Google. It had already been a long week with a day trip to Chicago, then to Minneapolis in a blizzard to Dallas and finally to San Francisco. I had about 8 hours of sleep in 3 days…but nothing was going to stop me from making the meetings at Google. And a special shout out to my beloved American Airlines* for helping me make my connection.

The first thing you notice as you walk on the campus (um, which is just a collection of buildings) is the childlike humor. Odd sculptures, rainbow colored bikes and quirky décor at every turn inside and out. It feels a bit like a corporate environment decorated by a pre-school in some places. And others feel very ‘star trekky’ –like the giant bank of screens where it plays YOUR videos larger than life. This was super fun.

We had meetings with the smarty smarts at Google (which it seems is pretty much everyone; I heard the cook in the cafeteria discussing his coding work on HIS new site. No joke)….and after many hours of conference room chats…it was time to leave.


But not before my friend and colleague Chris AMBUSHED my photo.

It’s not really his fault; the Google environment makes you kinda kooky, and brave and happy.

It’s true.

Just Google it.

*client of Weber Shandwick, my employer

The experience streamlining continues. Farewell Reader.


Listen up kids. Let me tell you a little story about the blogging explosion. The year was 2007 and blogging was going from ‘that thing techy people did’ to main stream. Programs like Blogger made it easy and free to have a blog up in MINUTES. And everyone under the sun- thought ‘hey I want [...]

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When should kids be on the internet?


Because both Jack and Tucker are active online- I am often asked about kids and social media. People are curious, if not appalled that I allow my 13 yr old to have a Facebook, Google Plus and a killer You Tube channel. Things have changed since we were young. (NO DUH). Because the internet was [...]

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How to use Picnik in Google Plus


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Let’s experiment shall we?

Picture 154p

Hypothesis: Having a decidedly (and deceivingly) more attractive, more skin showing, more remotes bed showing- profile pic lead to more crazies circling you on Google+? Well, folks let’s see…. I changed my G+ profile pic from: From this—————>    To this———————>  At the suggestion of a follower, who saw it in this previous post. I [...]

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“Google Plus is a blog-killer”


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I can do anything on social media with my friends except play Twister.


A Hangout. 1962 version. I hear it all the time, people who are hesitant to refer to the people they have met through social media as just FRIENDS but always preface by saying ‘online’ friends. As if there are acquaintances, friends and then that weird group called ‘ONLINE’ friends. For years we have lived in [...]

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{marcy’social} For goodness sake- Be yourself.


I took the nice posed photo of the boys and then I said ‘just be yourself!’ and this was the photo I got. Guess which one I love more?   Sustaining an online presence on any of the social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) that is guarded or crafted for any period of time can [...]

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Remember Watches?


  Nothing sexual about this AT ALL. Get your mind out of the gutter. These girls just like to lick two balls of ice cream while looking seductively into the camera lens. What is wrong with that? Jeezz.   Remember Watches? I do. Vividly. I had a Mickey Mouse watch that was too big even [...]

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