Peer pressure is a crappy thing. By definition it makes kids (um, and adults) lose their sense of logic and to do or try things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do if deciding alone. Peer pressure makes stupid decisions all because you want to impress someone you think you should admire.

Most of the time peer pressure LIES TO YOU.  I personally blame peer pressure for my 8th grade perm. For accidentally dating a drug dealer once in high school. And for numerous ‘just one more drink’ scenarios that ended up with me totally forgetting that I don’t even know how to play pool.

But recently I saw how peer pressure can have positive results as well.

About 6 weeks ago, Jack walked in from school and announced as he was opening the fridge for his afterschool meal snack ‘so, um yeah….I am in a band now.’ Always trying to be supportive sitcom mom, I smiled and said ‘that is wonderful dear!’…then I waited, sorta starring at him for a reaction. You see living with Jack is interesting. It’s like living in a Christopher Guest movie…where you are the only one without a script. Jack was known to announce random non sequiturs for comedic effect like “so I am a socialist now mom and it’s all your fault.” Or “There just aren’t enough Rugrats tattoos”. You know- just random things from his random mind- all to get a laugh from a non-existent audience.

But when I realized HE WASN’T KIDDING…I felt I needed to intervene before this went horribly horribly wrong.

“Wait ARE YOU SERIOUS?” I said. “Perhaps you forgot- but you don’t actually play an instrument. Like AT ALL”

“Check it out Mom. We are competing in the Battle of the Bands. I am going to play the keyboard. And well- all the other guys are really great musicians. They say they can teach me. …of course this could totally blow up on me. But like how could I say no. They are all seniors.”

So there it was. Peer pressure. This is not ANYTHING he would have considered- but cool SENIORS (reminder, Jack is a freshman) asked him to do this. And so -he was doing this.

Over the following weeks, I took my son to some Senior kid’s garage for BAND REHERSAL.  I made bad band jokes about groupies, back stage passes and saying ‘I’m with the band’ every chance possible.

And I will be damned, after a few weeks, my kid learned how to play 3 songs. jack album

Jack was now a keyboardist in an 80’s cover band who not only competed in the Battle of Bands…they took home 2nd place.

I’m proud of Jack for taking on the challenge of something new, something scary and pushing himself beyond his comfort zone.

So remember, sometimes being pressured by your peers can take you into positive directions. I myself started juicing, working out and living healthy all because of the repetitive CrossFit posts on Facebook. Okay no I didn’t. That’s a lie- I just block all those people.

But still…I think it is important to remember-that with encouragement from a group of people who believe ….you can be ‘peer pressured’ into achieving AWESOME.



We attempted to reach Jack for comment, but he went all meta on us.