1441484_10202389860410392_1300629034_nI love how much the internet loves my kids. After my last post about Jack attending his first Homecoming dance, and several posts on Facebook the day off…I have received A LOT of messages, emails and tweets from people who genuinely wanted to know how his big night went.

At just about the last minute, he asked me to drive him and his date. So I was able to go meet his awesome date, her parents, and a large group of his friends that all went dinner together. While they had dinner at a modest (affordable to teens) restaurant, I shopped at a nearby mall and mainly resisted spying on him. And I was there as they got into my car giggling and laughing at the end of the night. His date carrying her shoes, talking about her girlfriend’s dance drama  and how much fun they had.

I am not gonna lie folks…this was a parenting HIGH.


But today, when I saw Jack had picked up his dance photos, and had Instagramed one…. I decided to let this image speak for itself…..


They had FUN.

The Homecoming Suit.


One night after dinner, after homework  and before bed Jack announced he needed poster board and some candy. He had an idea to ask a girl to his Homecoming Dance. Trying to remain calm, and not act overly excited (but I was honestly super duper excited) I calmly helped with his idea. The next day [...]

Oh you gotta read the rest….