Yesterday Amazon launched ePinterest! Oh I mean, they launched Amazon COLLECTIONS. You can see how I made the mistake can’t you? Yes, this screen shot is from my new board on Amazon that highlights the products I love when I travel (hey you go with what you know) and it looks almost identical to my boards I have on Pinterest. So let’s look at the differences- and why as both a marketer and a consumer I really genuinely excited about this new platform:


1. When Pinterest launched I wrote this post. And I have been emphasizing the ecommerce aspect ever since. But to make a purchase on Pinterest- you click and you are taken OUT of Pinterest to make your purchase decision. On Collections, you obviously stay in the platform to make a purchase, and if you don’t care for that one- Amazon serves you up options for others. (They are masters at the suggestive upsell) and as a consumer who likes the process of starting one place and ending up another while shopping online this could prove to be a very enjoyable experience.


2. Imagine that my travel product board of mine could actually make me money? That’s right- let’s say I curate a board, and promote it and people click to buy and I MAKE MONEY. It is not that far reaching, as the Amazon affiliate link program has been very successful for them for years. Think about the power of charities curating items and raising money for others in this way. This possibility will generate large interest and spur baord builders to promote and market Amazon. It is a self generating marketing/sales machine.


3. Remember cutting out catalog images and taping them to a paper as a Christmas list? (if you say no you are too young. And need to go away to Millennial Island). Well Collections is the same thing. Only digital. Where Pinterest is more aspirational, Collections is REALITY. These are all items that can actually be purchased and end up on your door step tomorrow.


4. Having your products curated by advocates on a platform that also has a robust rating and review system is desirable. Soon, I imagine the number of ‘collections’ and ‘heart’ endorsements included in the product screen. Letting consumers know how ‘popular’ a product is  with others.  This is an incredible value to brands. RRR is the next big push for marketers; helping brands turn their dollars into tangible results that directly effect the purchase decision.

So how does it work?

In your profile drop down you will see ‘my collections’, you can click there and create a collection of your own. Many products have a ‘plus’ button at the bottom of the screen which means you can easily add to your collection. But most do not have this yet. No worry.


Go here (‘Learn More about Collections’) and find the button that you can drag and drop to your toolbar. So when you find a product on Amazon you want to Collect-you click and voilà it is added to a board of your choice.

You can share a link to your board with others, and yes I already showed my kids how to make their own. Christmas shopping should be much easier this year. I also tend to buy many of the same items on Amazon repeatedly (sunscreen, eyeglass cleaners, Swiffer pads etc.) so if I ‘collect’ them, I will be able to easily repurchase with a single click and never have to try and remember which one is my favorite.

Next Steps

If you shop online, and you enjoy Amazon-go give it a try. If you are a marketer or a brand? Start thinking. Lots to be done here. And it is up to you (or your agency) to make it happen.


As always, these thoughts are my own and do not represent those of my stellar employer.

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