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Happy birthday to the kid who gave me my first job as Mom.

Some of Jack’s Birthday wish list:
New wheels and bearings for his long board
Money for his Steam (gaming) account
New gaming headsets
New shoes and backpack (sad plight of a kid who has a birthday right before school starts)
“ironic vintage graphic tees” from here:
More money for other stuff.
and oh yeah…
MONEY. lots and lots of money.
and this year he asked for his money on a VISA card.

How to give a keynote and not die. Much.


I highly recommend driving around Chicago in a convertible. And those hanging things? Those are my idea bulbs at the Weber Shandwick Chicago office. Recently I did something I have never done before. Which isn’t all that surprising since I do things I haven’t done before nearly every day. Because my life motto is… “Bite [...]

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Work/Life Balance is so old school.


As I often do, I end up in conversations with just about every person I sit next to on a plane. I like to learn about where they work, their family where they are headed. Of course they ask about my life too. And without a doubt they almost always ask “How to you balance [...]

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Occupy Wall Street is the dumbest best thing ever. Wait-What?


I have been avoiding this post. But this post will not avoid me. It is plaguing me. I think about this post all.the.time. I have to write this post- if not for you- but for my sanity. I am cautious- because I know how brutal the internet is…but here goes nothing…   (CON)                                                              (PRO)   [...]

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BrandTalk: The power of positive campaigns.


I remember once a drama teacher (or as he preferred to be called with his English accent a  ‘Theater Instructor’) giving me advice about how to play a scene, and it is advice that I find myself using daily. “Never play the negative.” Huh? I looked at him confused. It was a scene where I [...]

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It’s like I look for ways to show the internet how insane I am.

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As we all know I travel all the time. I repeat- ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes I have just days between trips and sometimes I might have a whole 2 weeks (which felt like an eternity). I don’t care for the term ‘Road Warrior” since it makes me think of some kinda ancient battle…and I don’t [...]

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{Marcy’Social} It’s a well not a warehouse.


I think it might come as a surprise to the people who know me now, that when I started in this business (social media/marketing etc etc etc) I was very protective of my opinions and ideas. I hardly ever freely SHARED with others and I was not overly eager to offer help or ideas either. [...]

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