1441484_10202389860410392_1300629034_nI love how much the internet loves my kids. After my last post about Jack attending his first Homecoming dance, and several posts on Facebook the day off…I have received A LOT of messages, emails and tweets from people who genuinely wanted to know how his big night went.

At just about the last minute, he asked me to drive him and his date. So I was able to go meet his awesome date, her parents, and a large group of his friends that all went dinner together. While they had dinner at a modest (affordable to teens) restaurant, I shopped at a nearby mall and mainly resisted spying on him. And I was there as they got into my car giggling and laughing at the end of the night. His date carrying her shoes, talking about her girlfriend’s dance drama  and how much fun they had.

I am not gonna lie folks…this was a parenting HIGH.


But today, when I saw Jack had picked up his dance photos, and had Instagramed one…. I decided to let this image speak for itself…..


They had FUN.

Gift from Uncle Walt in the hipsters pocket.


  I saw him stuffing his new school id and some cash into a wallet. I grabbed his hand and asked where he found it. “Under my bed. In a box of a bunch of old stuff’. Yes. A box of ‘old stuff’- childhood memories of artwork and school awards and well…this wallet. It is [...]

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I have inherited so much from my children.


  As you all know by now, we went to Alaska recently. See here are two pics by nature, in nature, ON NATURE to prove it.  And btw if you are on my Christmas Card list, just know you will likely see these pics again. Sorry. But I am lazy. any whoo… Before Alaska was [...]

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Boy succumbs to peer pressure and learns to play the keyboard.


Peer pressure is a crappy thing. By definition it makes kids (um, and adults) lose their sense of logic and to do or try things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do if deciding alone. Peer pressure makes stupid decisions all because you want to impress someone you think you should admire. Most of the time peer [...]

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You taste funny to me.


When I go to a restaurant with my boys I am always compelled to take photos of them. It is a combination between the idle time while we wait to be served and the rare proximity to them; facing me and sitting relatively still. So here they are -Jack in his Flogging Molly tee and [...]

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He’s 14 today. And needs a haircut.


  Happy birthday to the kid who gave me my first job as Mom. Some of Jack’s Birthday wish list: New wheels and bearings for his long board Money for his Steam (gaming) account New gaming headsets New shoes and backpack (sad plight of a kid who has a birthday right before school starts) “ironic [...]

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