Someone got their photos done for their first passport this week. I tried not to laugh when he told me he wore blue to ‘bring out his eyes.’

We will be heading to Canada for a hockey tournament in the winter and we are getting prepared. Plus, as Tucker told me ‘it is just a really good idea to have a passport. Because maybe next year we will go to London or Italy over the summer.”

I like your thinking kid.

Maybe we will.



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Jack got his too. Remember this?

I am so cross (bow)


What happens when you are the insanely uncool mom and you don’t let your very deprived 11 yr old son have a bb gun, an airsoft gun OR even a cross bow? This is what happens. He makes a mini cross bow out of paper, and popsicle sticks. And then she shoots pencils at you [...]

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How to nag a loser.


I once called my kid a loser. And I wasn’t kidding. This kid loses EVERYTHING. And this week he lost the  smart phone worth $400 he received as a graduation gift. Actually it was stolen while he was at a beach party, by someone savvy enough to remove the sim card right away so the [...]

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Jackman Productions presents: Razor Pro XX


We love us some Razor goodness around our house. The boys take them everywhere- and there is almost ALWAYS a few of them in the back of my car. Ya, know…just in case. So when the boys got the new Razor Pro XX  – it was no surprise they would be in love. In fact [...]

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Look who came to dinner.


A few nights ago, the Wienermobile stopped by my house. Because it is perfectly normal in my life to have a giant food product on wheels in front of my home. The two ‘Hot Doggers”, Maria and Patrick were just finishing up their entire year on the road, and I invited them over for dinner. [...]

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My kid knows how to ride The Wave. And do tricks while doing it. (video)

People ask all the time about Tucker and Jack. I am not kidding. Nearly 90% of the time I meet a reader they ask about my kids. And I get emails from readers who want “MORE of THE BOYS”. Well I am happy to oblige. So here is a little slice of life, after school, [...]

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He dropped it. And I lost it.

A few days ago Jack borrowed my most beloved possession. My Canon SD950 IS camera. He wanted to shoot a video of Tucker standing on his head and singing ‘Single Ladies’ (Beyonce’)…so it seemed like a good reason to me. And he came back and said the words no camera mother wants to hear ‘I [...]

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