Recently I took a Disney cruise through Alaska. More on that whole experience later but for now let’s take a look at the world’s greatest gift a mother could have ever received. Here is the story:jtdisney

All over the Disney ships are photo studios. No really, they are back drops and lights and profesh photogs just waiting to do entire photo shoots of your family or your kids. They make a lot of profit on those photos, so this makes great sense. Anywhoo we had two rooms for our immediate family and well, several days we let the kids stay in the other room alone. They would be doing trivia contests, playing basketball on the top deck or do karaoke until midnight (or later). And well, I didn’t exactly wait up. So they came to their own room, and in the morning while they were sleeping The Husband and I would go have breakfast before waking their little Disney-Party-Animal bottoms up….

And one morning, Ed and I decided to swipe our room key into this kiosk thingy to see all the pics associated with our two rooms. They take photos of you at dinner each night and we wondered if maybe there was at least one of us that looked decent (there wasn’t) But look at what else I find?

I find a pic of my teenage kids in this fake sweet little kiddie pose. It is so bad. So horribly dorky- that I have promised to frame and hang in the house (okay not really. but maybe).


And later in the week, I was walking this little photo hallway where the kiosks are- and I see AN ENTIRE PHOTOSHOOT of Jack in the cheesiest poses ever. They had PRINTED THEM OUT AND THEY WERE ON DISPLAY.

Oh I can’t tell you how hard I laughed.

Disney. You win.


YO MOTS! I found a sanity saving app: Life360


Hey FTC: This is an UNSPONSORED POST. I know it is hard to remember a time back when bloggers created content without being paid. And some of us- still do it. I love this app and can not wait for you to try it. Yes even you FTC. Try it.   Are you a M.O.T. [...]

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Boy succumbs to peer pressure and learns to play the keyboard.


Peer pressure is a crappy thing. By definition it makes kids (um, and adults) lose their sense of logic and to do or try things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do if deciding alone. Peer pressure makes stupid decisions all because you want to impress someone you think you should admire. Most of the time peer [...]

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Williamsburg, Virginia. Yes that colonial one.


Last week I had a great opportunity to visit Colonial Williamsburg for a client event. I had never been before, and was pretty taken back with the authentic charm. These people take their period commitments seriously. The hotel was astonishingly beautiful- equivalent to being a resident in the White House I imagine. And I knew [...]

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Hockey you are on my last nerve.


Tucker was out of town for the weekend for a Hockey tournament. And I got this call from The Husband “Do not freak out. It is NO big deal. But we are in a hospital. Do not freak out. Tucker got kinda a little hurt in the last game. Are you freaking out? It’s nothing. [...]

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Mickeys Halloween Party. You have to go!


We started the night off at one of our new favorite places to visit; Trader Sams which is poolside at the Disneyland Hotel.  Order a ‘Shipwreck’ and see what happens. It’s hilarious. Of course Disney Resort is the only place where you can walk around with a giant spider on your head and no one [...]

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GlamReview: Wii U (The Standard West Hollywood too)


  That’s right people. It’s WiiU time. By now you probably have heard about this new gaming system by Nintendo. And Jack and I headed up to Hollywood to hang out and play with it over the weekend. (Skip to the bottom of the post if you just want the WiiU thoughts But first, let’s [...]

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Marcy goes Mad: Disney’s Mad T Party


Disney has been known as a nighttime dancing destination since the say it opened. My mother talks about going after a certain hour in the 60’s for mere pocket change, to listen to the latest band and of course DANCE. Well the tradition continues this year at Disney’s California Adventure with the addition of Mad [...]

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When should kids be on the internet?


Because both Jack and Tucker are active online- I am often asked about kids and social media. People are curious, if not appalled that I allow my 13 yr old to have a Facebook, Google Plus and a killer You Tube channel. Things have changed since we were young. (NO DUH). Because the internet was [...]

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