I am calling bull sh*t on Sheryl Sandberg. (Although I am sure she is a very lovely person who would want to be my BFF if she met me and should not shut down my Facebook account just because I disagree with her.)


Recently, Sheryl Sandberg- the COO of Facebook (formerly Google) was interviewed (In a video for, a video project compiling videos of accomplished women) and of all the golden nuggets of wisdom this smart, fascinating driven executive could have given us, the coverage of the interview became about one stupid, idiotic and frankly ridiculous fact. [...]

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Kid-Friendly Vegas? Stuff you can do with the littles in sin city.


As mentioned earlier in the week I just spent 4 days in Vegas with my children. Something I do not recommend. In fact if you can not afford a baby sitter to watch your children while you go drink and gamble then perhaps you should not be going to Vegas after all. Let me repeat- [...]

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Family Field Trip: Reagan Museum and Library


Some day I like to image my boys being President of the United States.   Or maybe just actors who play the President of the United States. OR Actors who become the President of the United States. You know, like this dude. Ronald Reagan. This past weekend we were on a ‘Hock-cation’ (when we have [...]

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It’s like I am trying to get fired from this mom gig.


Jack is going to Washington DC at the end of the year with a student group and so we decided to get him a passport. YES we know Washington DC is IN AMERICA but we were fearful his stupid school id wouldn’t cut it with new TSA meanies and thought a passport was the best [...]

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GlamGaming: SuperMario 3D Land


Do you know what get’s released today? Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS! Happily I have a live-in game tester and video reviewer, who has kindly given me the publishing rights to share his work. Click play and see how this pic will make perfect sense. Not interested in gaming? Watch it anyway. It [...]

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Seeing my mom surrounded by a million beer kegs is only one reason I enjoyed the kitchy oddness of the Huntington Beach Oktoberfest. It takes place on the grounds of the Old World Village which is part apartment complex, part thrift store and part bizzaro land. A few examples… The pre-war German village features Jewish [...]

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Real Influence: ppushu ppushu marketing


(alternate title: playground marketing) Over the weekend, we made a family pilgrimage to a few collectable places talk with some Pokemon Card collectors to see if there was any interest in buying Jack’s collection. It is a collection that was started by my now 21 year old niece, that was then passed on to Jack [...]

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Blogger gets Academy Award for her performance as Disney fan.


Finally I got an Oscar. And I would like to thank the Academy, my mom and the members of D23 for this honor. No seriously….er,  comedically… Recently, I was given a wonderful opportunity to tour Disney Studios and learn more about the official fan club for Disney folks. Not just for Disney movie fans, or [...]

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Family Field Trip: Hollyweird and Venice Beach


Yippee! You get to look at my vacation photos! This is so much easier than setting up the slide machine in the rumpus room and inviting you all over for a pot luck huh? Honestly this post is so long and self indulgent I can’t believe you are still reading. nevertheless… Since nearly everyone and [...]

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