I haven’t wanted to discuss this- it but I think it is time I said something. Like any relationship there is always a period of time that feels like it will go on forever- and you simply can not imagine EVER not having it in your life. But one day you start to realize things have changed. It just doesn’t give you the same thrill it once did- and you go from loving it, to feeling a bit trapped in some strange unwritten obligation. You want out- but you can’t be the one to go first…..It is then you have be honest with yourself and admit…the end is near.

My relationship with Twitter is dying a slow and painful death.

When it started I was in denial, and just looked the other way as the spam increased and the actual conversations decreased. But I just kept trying. Actually when this started about a year ago- it made me try even harder to make it work. I was tweeting 40 times a day at one point. Just wanted to be sure if the relationship was going to end- I would be able to walk away and not blame myself. I know- that I have done everything possible to make it work. It’s not ME –it’s all you Twitter.

Looking back there are few things that I think helped destroy our relationship…

1. Tribes: So somewhere in the midst of all the Twitter fervor groups of people decided to get together and work as a self/group (gangs) promoting machines. Basically one person tweets and then all the people in your ‘tribe’? Oh they Re-Tweet the hell out of it. Yes, it is as annoying as it seems.

2. Spam: Considering anyone can follow anyone, and anyone can @mention anyone on Twitter it took a long time before spam was a real issue. And it is actually not much worse than it was a year ago- BUT so many other quality conversations have dropped off making spam feel much worse.

3. Links up the wazoo: Okay we get it- you like to share stuff (mainly your own stuff) but if that is ALL you are doing- it isn’t really being social. And it is annoying. In my stream I would say about 8 out 10 tweets have a link to SOMETHING. It’s really hard to talk to someone when all they are doing is trying to sell you something.

4. Buying followers: Oh don’t act like you didn’t know. Yes- it is SUPER easy to buy followers and between you and me? I know SEVERAL ‘influencers’ who have done just that. So PR company when you are looking to work with someone because their digital footprint looks so fabulous- you might want to proceed with caution. Buying followers messed with the peer endorsement factor- wherein someone with a lot of followers must be providing a unique value- but now? Could just mean they have more money than pride.

5. Horrible platform development: Twitter just seemed to stall. They were making changes and doing stuff and then they just STOPPED. And well- now it feels stale and hysterically OLD fashioned.

I am not leaving right away. I plan to stick around a little and just let it burn out completely. I don’t want to be the one to actually be the first to say  “It’s over”…..but yeah. It’s over.