familyfieldtripAs you know, I love to take Family Field Trips all over Southern California. We have been here, and here and tons more…but somehow I forgot to mention a wonderful location that is literarily around the corner from my house; The Richard Nixon Library and Museum.IMG_6508-001

Nixon is embedded into the local history, as his family were citrus ranchers in the area since about 1910 and Nixon was born in a tiny hand built farm house (still here on the grounds). In fact Nixon is so much associated with our little town, the locals will sometimes even refer to Yorba Linda as Nixonland. Despite your political persuasion, his story is fascinating and much of his presidency was astonishing. We will just ignore the bad decision part. ahem. Although the museum does not. There is an entire Watergate portion in the museum, that is fair and balanced and bizarre all at once.

Last week I stopped by with the boys to take a tour with a Pat Nixon re-inactor. This actress (Maureen Nunn) is actually an old friend of the family, and bears an uncanny resemblance to the former first lady herself. The only other re-inactor I have seen was Abe Lincoln in 4th grade history class, so this was quite a treat. It is like being in live theater and an improv history class all at once. And Maureen knew EVERYTHING about Pat Nixon. Within minutes my brain was thinking this pretty woman in the turquoise suit actually WAS Pat Nixon. Until of course the end of the exhibit when she said ‘And this was the year I died.’ It was IMG_6486-001hard not to laugh.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I laughed.

The Nixon Library is just FILLED with amazing exhibits about the time period and the real Presidential Helicopter used from 1961 –1976 which you can go inside. In addition to all that it is on beautiful grounds and there is an entire white house wing that you can rent for special occasions. I love this place.

Wanna go?

Guess what! If you mention The Glamorous Life Association you will get $1 off your admission price. Which is already super affordable…

Adults: $11.95
High School and College students with ID:  $6.95
Children ages 7-11: $4.75
Children ages 6 and under are free



Speaking of glamorous.
Several gowns of Mrs. Nixon are on display as well.
I kinda dig the over-all 70’s –ness of this beauty.

My happy independence day.


God Bless Margarita America! Hope you all had a great fourth of July. I spent most of the day trying not to work. And I was very successful. Instead of ‘work- work’ I cleaned out a closet, organized some gaming equipment, organized the garage, packed for a trip and went thru several junk drawers. See? [...]

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Happiness Starts Here


There was a time, I would dress my children in adorable coordinating ‘fall-ish’ outfits and take them to several pumpkin patches before Halloween. Sure, we would get a pumpkin- but the real purpose was to get great photos. Look here is proof I was an insane mom:    Yeah well…THIS year that didn’t exactly happen. [...]

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Cotillion in the OC


My boys are both partaking in the tradition of cotillion this year. It is basically an etiquette, dance and social grace classes geared towards children. The things we assume everyone should know (opening doors for your date or making conversation with someone sitting near you for example) are talked about and the kids get to [...]

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World Trade Center Steel in Yorba Linda, CA


Before I dropped him off on his first day of school this year, Tucker and I visited with the World Trade Center steel at Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA. I will save you the “this is where-i-was-and-this-is-what-I-was-feeling on 9/11 story.” We all have a story. And honestly, it is only our own story [...]

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Look who came to dinner.


A few nights ago, the Wienermobile stopped by my house. Because it is perfectly normal in my life to have a giant food product on wheels in front of my home. The two ‘Hot Doggers”, Maria and Patrick were just finishing up their entire year on the road, and I invited them over for dinner. [...]

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