IMG_0166 copyOnly 31 miles from my home is one of the oldest buildings in California. This mission was founded in 1776 by Father Junipero Serra. Father Serra is well know figure in early Californian history. Every 4th grader learns all about Father Serra and the history and purpose of his California Missions up and down our coast along the famous El Camino Real line. The husband and I have decided to use this as a litmus test to grill people who claim to be California natives. We will say “So tell me, what do you think of Father Serra?”, and when they look back with a blank confused stare, we will know that they did not endure 4th grade in California and never had the glory of building a California Mission replica out of sugar cubes. (Note: I am a 3rd generation Southern California native which is about as rare as finding a diamond in a gravel pit. Which er, I think is pretty rare. The Husband? He is mid-west thru and thru.)  This mission is so perfectly rustic, it feels as if you are on a movie set or Disney back lot. Only a Southern California native would say such a thing. As you now know, I have Disney and Hollywood running thru my veins.


IMG_0157 copy

And down the street is a favorite mid-century building…

IMG_0241 copy 

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Family Field Trip: Temecula, Calif.

What? She took her kids on another ‘field trip’? Yup. I like to get the most out of the winter break…so I try to do one thing a day with the kids. And today we drove about 50 miles to the town of Temecula. It is an old cowboy town. And thanks to the surge [...]

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Family Field Trip: Watson’s Drug Store

  Watson’s has been right where it stands for over 100 years. It is still a working drug store with a pharmacy as well as a wonderful diner. Offering a wide aray of long forgotten sodas and shake combinations. My grandparents came to Watson’s, my parents came to Watson’s and today I took my boys [...]

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Family Field Trip: Bowers Museum

My kids love art… So we took a visit to Bowers Museum in Santa Ana today. And saw a bunch of old stuff. Of course I could have done without the exhibit on death and burial rituals with graphic videos playing every time I turned a corner. “No mommy doesn’t know why they are dancing [...]

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