So I was on the cover of a magazine the other day.

Did I forget to mention that? And I was also featured on the inside too.

You can read the article here

There is this tagline area just under my name that made me giggle.


I don’t know if I have ever been described more succinctly. The best part about this interview, or any interview is seeing how others perceive you. And if others perceive me as a ‘super mom’ then that is okay. But frankly- I think any mom who is raising humans she made and hasn’t gone insane yet is a super mom. This gig is not for wimps people.

Special thank you to my friend Dawn (who was also featured in this OC Family article) for sending me this picture of her little Peanut reading about the life of a supermom and probably wondering who thought it would be a good idea to put the old lady on the cover.

Me too Peanut. Me too.

CoverTalk: If looks could kill.


Apparently this magazine fired its art director somewhere after the November issue and before the December issue. And his poor assistant having to fill in- just went with the previous months layout and photo shoot options. “Black shirt, face right and look pissed” The notes said. Of course this was easier to capture from Ashton, [...]

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Me and some legends. Wait….what? (D23)


Being invited to the Disney Studios is always a huge honor. But being invited to come and take a photo with some the greatest legends ever? People who contributed to the amazing successes of Disney through out the years? An amazing event. They were gathered to take a photo for the cover of the upcoming [...]

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Cover Me.


When people ask me what I am reading at the moment I usually lie and name some social media book that is all the rage. Yeah, you heard me- I LIE. Oh it’s not that I don’t own the book, and it’s not that it doesn’t live next to my bed- but finding the time [...]

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AdTalk: Bowling makes me HAPPY


“Instead of bowling, Janie decided to entertain the on-lookers with her Irish Jig across the lanes.”   Perhaps inspired by Alice, I have made plans to go BOWLING on a date night with my husband and another couple. I have never really officially bowled before. Oh I have put on the shoes, ordered a beer [...]

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The classics. As I see it.


Okay the suspense is killing me. Can anyone please tell me WHAT the top secret Christmas-tree shaped project is??? What could it be? One of Marie’s dolls? How about plans for another creepy brother-sister talk show come back? Maybe it is the book of Mormon as told by Father Osmond. Oh someone tell me!

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AlbumTalk: Blame it on Cuba.


In an attempt to distance themselves from their Uncle Castro back in Cuba, the sisters added the ‘De-‘ to their last name when they came to America. The helmet hair and bushy eyebrow trend can only be considered  passive revenge for the whole Bay of Pigs thing. We retaliated with The Jonas Brothers. – - [...]

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My good fortune. Or not.


I am one of those stupid people who actually open up their mass produced fortune cookie after Chinese food with the hope that it will contain actual wisdom passed down to me from Buddha himself. In my HEAD I know they are just made up stupidness printed at a factory in San Francisco, but part [...]

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His off season…


You may recall I saw Santa recently at a car show, and last week I ran into him in Newport. I wasn’t sure at first it was him, but the front of his shirt said ‘North Pole’ and the back? Well, as you can see…I am certain it was HIM.

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