I did not want to write this post. As a matter of fact- I have tried hard NOT to write this post. But sometimes things get a hold of my heart and I just have to voice my opinion or burst (it was this opinion bursting that got me in trouble with many a friend/teacher/boss through-out the years) and so here it is.



Joe Paterno WAS a good football coach.

He WAS a good program leader and member of society.

As in- BEFORE he failed to take action.

All of what WAS-became cancelled out when he knew about children being RAPED and did not take swift and abrupt action. 

I can hear some of you he-was-a-good-man people saying:

“We shouldn’t judge a man for ONE mistake. One error in judgment can’t cancel out all the rest of his life.”

Um, that is like saying "I know this guy KILLED someone, but let’s not judge him for that and put him in jail- because mainly and up to that point he was a really good guy". We must and SHOULD judge people for even one heinous act. Character is not a ‘majority’ kinda thing. ONE heinous act can and does cancel out EVERYTHING before it.

Do you have children? How would you feel about one of them being forcibly raped repeatedly and finding out people KNEW and did not take appropriate action. And by not taking action essentially- CONDONING THE RAPE?

Let me tell you how I would feel- I WOULD MURDER that person with a smile on my face. I might murder someone even if it was someone else’s kid.

Hell no I am not sad for Paterno. His own inaction cancelled out his legacy. And being 77 was no excuse. He shouldn’t have been coaching if he wasn’t up to being the leader he should have been.

Another fact is that the media has portrayed this as ‘one bad decision.’…but the reality is that the period in question was one of years. The sport obsessed media has collapsed it down to "a lapse in judgment"  as if it was a singular point in time when he missed his chance to do something. That was not the case. He made this ‘bad decision’ day in and day out. Every hour and every minute of the day. He LIVED this ‘bad decision’. He broke bread, had meetings and socialized with the men who were forcibly and violently raping BOYS. Someone’s BABY BOYS. Who does that?

A monster does. That is who.

I do not rejoice his death. But hell no do I mourn for him.

He knew. And did not do enough. And yes, allowing someone to rape a child or MANY CHILDREN tarnishes any amount of good they may have done in other areas of their life. I do not mourn for him. I mourn for the children.

And you should too.

Don’t agree with me?
I don’t care. Don’t even bother to comment.
As a matter of fact- if you don’t believe me-
I don’t mind at all if you stop reading me.