Ronald was sure his European stamp collection would impress the lay-dees.

He couldn’t understand why his penpal stopped writting after he sent her this photo.

Family Field Trip: Melrose Ave. and Coles

This weekend we ventured out on another Family Field Trip. It has been a while since Little League, tennis, soccer and the damn pig have consumed our weekends the last few months. And since The Husband was back from Korea and off to Guatamala this week- we thought we should make the most of our [...]

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PhotoTalk: And she knew it too.

Anthony always thought Maria was his mother’s favorite. But when mother allowed her to stand on the new sofa for the photo, it confirmed it.    

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PhotoTalk: Supper anyone?

via The Vinci triplets thought this rehearsal super the night before the wedding was a total bore. As Uncle Simon served the bread, Philip starred at his glass of water trying to turn it into wine. Mathew prayed it would be over soon. And Tommy remembered back to simpler times before Dad meet his devoutly [...]

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PhotoTalk: His Pink Dream

It had always been Ronald’s dream to be the pinkest, furriest Easter Bunny in the parade. This was the year his dreams came true. . . . A note about the PhotoTalk series: I have received plenty of emails asking where I find these photos and if these are part of my ‘bizzare family’. So [...]

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PhotoTalk: You call THAT a cake?

  Tayna was just very hard to please. She hated all her presents too. This was Tayna’s last birthday party. The next year her mother gave up and just gave her cash.

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PhotoTalk: Just being honest

Ever since Erin had her baby, her girlfriends thought she was becoming really two-faced.

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PhotoTalk: He IS heavy. He’s my brother.

Kathryn can still remember the day her back problems started.

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PhotoTalk: Harold’s commitment to comedy

Claire was not impressed with Harold’s ‘look-at-me-I-am-dead’ April Fools joke in the pool. After 10 minutes she began to wonder. After 20 minutes she took a photo. – - Side note: I hate April Fool’s Day. I think pranks are cruel and the lowest form of comedy. Just like I tell my kids- "if you [...]

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