I think I will call mine ‘Bitchy Blogger’.

Yup. You are reading the photo correctly. This is a ‘dippin sauce’ (which I really have no idea what the heck that is…) and the name is Drunkin Priest. Okay so is this suppossed to be FUNNY?  I can just see the ya-hoos sitting in their kitchen: Beavis: ‘Dude remember that time when Rob got [...]

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Mr. Literal strikes again….

  "Hey Honey! I just thought of the next big thing! HAND SOAP. Only they will actually be HANDS…. Get it?" . . Whoa. This is off the creep-o-meter scale for me. Especially since I expect them to come out with a HAND towel any day now. And I hear a FOOT board is in [...]

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Worst mother of the year…..

Every now and then I have to break from the funny and write about something that just totally and completely pisses me off. And I do so, knowing that there is a very good chance I will upset SOME of my readers. So I usually sit on it, wait a little bit until I feel [...]

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