Somewhere between getting my luggage at the baggage claim and unpacking in the hotel, my back went into full-on spasms. The kind of back pain that makes walking to the shower look like climbing Mt. Everest. It hurt of breathe. To move. To think. And while I considered calling room service to come blow dry my hair and wondered if the concierge had a back brace I could borrow, I took about 4 Tylenol PM and tried to sleep it off.

Turns out back pain is not like a hangover, and in the morning I was no better. So I was faced with a problem. Pain. Lots and lots of pain- but I still had a presentation and meetings to do that day.

So Marcy why are you telling us this?

In my Advil haze it occurred to me that managing pain is nothing new to brands. Brands are faced with challenges, crisis and economy woes and need to push through. So how do they handle it?

1. Stay Calm: Panic is the end of productivity. Given a rough patch (low sales, PR crisis etc.) you need to remain calm and facilitate clear thinking. Clear thinking is your way to get past this bump in the road.

2. Prioritize: When you get slowed down, and bogged down by dealing with a challenge stop and re-think your priorities. In other words, throw out the old ‘to do’ list and start over. Look closely where you are putting your energy. Make sure that everything you are doing is going to help propel the brand past the challenge at hand. Let other priorities shift to the bottom of the list.  For example, if you suddenly lose a large contract for distribution your old priority of opening up a new sales region should be replaced with managing your cash flow while you secure a new distribution deal.

3. Take corrective action: While much of what we do in business is out of our hands; trends, economy etc. There is plenty that is still in the hands of the brand. Work to identify what you can do to fix your situation. Don’t sit around and wait for it to heal itself. You have to do something to move the business in the right direction again. So do. Something.

In the end, I re-prioritized what I really needed to do that day (getting dressed mattered, but curling my hair didn’t etc.)I took action by getting stronger medication and doing some back stretches on the hotel floor. I sent a series of tweets like “Your phone drops on the floor and you think ‘oh well I will just buy another’ to avoid picking it up #youknowyourbackisoutwhen” to help me stay calm.

Yes, I was able to push through the pain to do what needed to be done.

And so can you.

The classics. As I see it.


Okay the suspense is killing me. Can anyone please tell me WHAT the top secret Christmas-tree shaped project is??? What could it be? One of Marie’s dolls? How about plans for another creepy brother-sister talk show come back? Maybe it is the book of Mormon as told by Father Osmond. Oh someone tell me!

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My good fortune. Or not.


I am one of those stupid people who actually open up their mass produced fortune cookie after Chinese food with the hope that it will contain actual wisdom passed down to me from Buddha himself. In my HEAD I know they are just made up stupidness printed at a factory in San Francisco, but part [...]

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His off season…


You may recall I saw Santa recently at a car show, and last week I ran into him in Newport. I wasn’t sure at first it was him, but the front of his shirt said ‘North Pole’ and the back? Well, as you can see…I am certain it was HIM.

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The cat isn’t even black.


So I was thinking now that I have become a minister, I might want to start becoming other stuff too. You know just for a killer business card. Marcy Massura Wife, Mother, Blogger, Minister and Mystic Master Witch.   I am particularly attracted to the part in the ad which promises “Freedom From Worry”. I [...]

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My Crabby Fun


Yesterday we had another great time meeting friends at Joes Crab Shack in Newport Beach. (Remember our first visit?) That is my friend Dan showing off this King Crab leg to the table, with the killer Newport Bay view behind. I love this place because your food comes in a bucket, they have endless paper [...]

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“The Bible lasts a long time”

Apparently it was “I got JEW Babe” originally. Happy Sunday Association readers. Now go read your bible and “find out where music is coming from”.

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If My Little Ponies took over the world. It could happen.

See I only have boys. So I never had to experience the hell joy of having a toy box full of pastel colored miniature equine. So in my empathy for that experience- I give you this video. Fav part? VERY end. “Giddy-Up”

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See you at Glamour Girls!

   I have taken my fair share of family portraits in my photography career. And I have always worked hard to make sure they look natural and comfortable. Well, as natural and comfortable as you can look standing 2 inches from your family and smiling. But recenlty I was sent a link (by several of [...]

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