First, please watch this 3 minutes of Anderson Cooper…

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Are you shocked?



This is my cousin, Crystal Harris.  I testified at her trial and have been astonished at her strength and resilience. She has even entered a bill with the help of Assembly members into the legislature (which is being sponsored by the San Diego County’s District Attorney office) to help correct this terrible ‘loop hole in the law’ from every victimizing another spouse ever again. This article explains this all perfectly.

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We have to put an end to this.

For all men and women who are victims of abuse by their spouses and then abused by the court system.

Let’s fix this people.

Joe Paterno knew.

I did not want to write this post. As a matter of fact- I have tried hard NOT to write this post. But sometimes things get a hold of my heart and I just have to voice my opinion or burst (it was this opinion bursting that got me in trouble with many a friend/teacher/boss [...]

Oh you gotta read the rest….