I get asked frequently about the design of my blog, if I host it on my own server and who creates all my buttons. So I thought I would pop in today and give you some of my resources:

See My Designs does the bulk of my backend work. Shauna is a code genius. And while I designed my site myself (from header to fonts), it was See My Designs who made it ‘live’. And it is also See My Designs that I email whenever I need something tweaked or fixed. I pay as I go, and the rates are very reasonable. And since she is a big-time blogger herself- she totally understands when I am freaking out at 1am because my categories are pulling incorrectly. She knows IT MATTERS.

My site lives on a server managed by another talented company called Caffeinated Elf. This company handles any issues with third party writer errors and the general safety/back-up of my blog. I pay a small fee yearly to host here.

For all other issues (on ALL of my websites including Smartly sites) I call Loren of  Your Local Tech to deal with any and all problems I have. Which includes hardware, viruses and more.

All three of these businesses offer full service web design & hosting. Some how it just worked out as my site evolved, I outsource different issues to different people. And since I like to do all the purty stuff my self, I have the design stuff covered. And yes, I do all the buttons on my site. That is why you see a new one pop up every week. Remember if you need a logo/button/header design you can try this gal. I hear she is great.

*This is an uncompensated endorsement of these service providers. I wrote this because I mean it. I could not do what I do, without these businesses in my corner. Thank you.