People who ask me for ‘which ride should I go on first’ when they visit Disneyland, are always a little surprised when I encourage them to plan some of their day around the great shows and entertainment found all over The Disney Resort.  This summer, at the Fantasyland Theater in Disneyland is a fun, fresh and technology rich show that is worth every second of your time. No extra tickets needed- just show up, grab a seat and watch this fun musical revue entertain you and the kids.

Here is a video which includes some great clips of the show-so you can see for yourself!

Oh um, before you watch- my face looks like a lego head and kinda blown up. That is a result of this (more on it later)…but please be gentle and don’t laugh : )

Why yes, that IS a riverboat on stage. Only Disney makes it seem normal.  IMG_1131[1]

And just for fun, I thought I would share these after hours photos I took while exiting the park on this evening…I swear you can almost feel Walt here when it is like this…

IMG_1166[1] IMG_1165[1]IMG_1164[1]

If you haven’t been to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure lately- I encourage you to go. And while you are there, slow down a bit and take in the magic of shows like Mickey’s Magical Map, the new Fantasy Faire experience or my all time favorite- The Billy’s in the Golden Horseshoe Revue.  For more information on all of these live shows- and many more throughout the parks- visit here -and get ready to be entertained!

The Dresses of Golden Globe. (alternate title: When rich people make bad choices. And then go on TV to show them off.)


For just one second, let’s pretend I am one of those bitchy fashion reporters. Not the face to face ones- but the ones that write things from their sofa wearing yoga pants and an old Beastie Boys t-shirt. Go on, suspend belief. Then consider I don’t know who half these people are….and don’t care either. [...]

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GlamReview: Argo (Rated R)

I do not go to movies. I watch them- at home with my laptop and phone nearby while I fold laundry. Or on a plane when my laptop battery has died and I have no other choice. But actually driving to a movie theater, to sit captive while I listen to people cough and eat [...]

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Frankenweenie: Chatting with producers Allison Abbate and Don Hahn at Disney’s new art exhibit

IMG_8401-001p copy

Once my Baby Jack had a goldfish that I brought back to life. Three times. Well, not really- but after goldfish #1 floated to the top of the bowl one day, The Husband would bring home a new goldfish after work and when Baby Jack was distracted I would plop Goldfish #2 (and later #3 [...]

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 Blogger Day


The following is a RARE guest post here on the Glam Life. From my friend Anne Hogan. I only asked her to post because I am KINDA obsessed with her dog.  And I hate all dogs. Well all of them except HERS. So give a warm welcome to Anne!!! (thunderous applause) Why hello glamorous people! [...]

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BlogHer 2012: Why did I go?


I am always happy in New York. It is where people talk as fast and as loud as me. They use their hands, they make big gestures. They scream at cabbies that don’t stop when they are crossing illegally outside of a crosswalk. New Yorkers are my people. Never mind that I am a native [...]

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Jackman Productions presents: Razor Pro XX


We love us some Razor goodness around our house. The boys take them everywhere- and there is almost ALWAYS a few of them in the back of my car. Ya, know…just in case. So when the boys got the new Razor Pro XX  – it was no surprise they would be in love. In fact [...]

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Every little girl dreams of being Cloris Leachman right?

cloris copyp

When I was 8 years old I went to see a live stage performance of Grease. My grandmother and my mom, kept saying how excited they were to see some woman named Cloris Leachman who was playing the role of the principal. It was one of the first stage performances I had seen, and it [...]

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My last 2 weeks….visually.


After BlogWorld I hosted my own mini conf for Blogcrush with Churm Media, Disney and others on the panel. Was awesome fun.   Then I was off to Madison for business presentations for a client. Then Vegas for Vitrue conference followed up with more Vegas for WOMMA conference….. A photographic highlight reel: My much loved [...]

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