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  • streetsignIn some¬†exciting news, The Glamorous Life Association has a new Fan Page on Facebook! I hope you will all click HERE and become a fan! And be sure to tell your friends.
  • The Association will be doing a wonderful give-away next week for a Kodak Wireless Printer! So be sure to get everyone you know to come and enter. Entries will begin Monday May 4th.
  • And just in case you can’t get ENOUGH of me…. I can also be found on Twitter as TheGlamLife, and if you don’t know what Twitter is let me explain it like this “its like a written party line” and if you are too dang young to even know what a ‘party phone line’ is…well, then….just go away. You are probably skinny and wrinkle free too…and I just can’t deal with that right now. Oh and in a pathetic use of my calculator mathskillz I figured out that my 5000 updates on Twitter have probably wasted close to 13 hours of my life in the past year. But is okay because I was being FUNNY. And being funny is never a waste. Right?

Its not your grandmother’s Kodak anymore….*

Being invited to attend a Kodak Kiosk demo sounded like a pretty okay day to spend an afternoon. I went with few expectations since I had never actually used a kiosk to play/print with my photos. I was instructed to bring LOTS of my photos on USB. And since I rarely sometimes always do as [...]

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