marcysocialsmallWhen I heard the word ‘strategy’ in my past life (read: pre-digital career), I often pictured a war general in a war room looking sternly at a large map, preparing his next best step for combat. Deciding where to engage the enemy and what maneuver was going to make sense to help him achieve his goal.  It was his job to consider all the factors involved and apply his knowledge of troop and leader behavior to make decisions that would result in positive outcomes. It was his job- to win.

And now, as I work in the world of digital strategy for some of the world’s greatest brands…I think about how many similarities still exist.

In order to craft an effective strategy for a brand you have to go back to the tent and just stop. Take a step back and plan. You need a map…something that shows all your assets, advocates and resources. And a proper brand map shows where you want to go, and what you want to conquer. Only then can you properly determine how best to leverage and grow. Only by evaluating everything from consumer experience, brand voice and the enemy (er, I mean competitors) you are able to see just where you need to improve, place resources and focus.

Good brand strategy takes a special kind of leadership. One that is confident, decisive and BRAVE.  Take a risk, go in a new direction- but above all, stop and plan. Remember…Smart leaders push forward, but smarter leaders stop first and decide where they want to go.

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Let’s catch up.


I know, I let you down. You have expected to see me be funny and write about vintage ads everyday and I have been pretty MIA lately. Sorry for that. Truth is, I have a lot of ‘change’ in my life at the moment. And things are a little crazy. You will all be the [...]

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How to give a keynote and not die. Much.


I highly recommend driving around Chicago in a convertible. And those hanging things? Those are my idea bulbs at the Weber Shandwick Chicago office. Recently I did something I have never done before. Which isn’t all that surprising since I do things I haven’t done before nearly every day. Because my life motto is… “Bite [...]

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My last 2 weeks….visually.


After BlogWorld I hosted my own mini conf for Blogcrush with Churm Media, Disney and others on the panel. Was awesome fun.   Then I was off to Madison for business presentations for a client. Then Vegas for Vitrue conference followed up with more Vegas for WOMMA conference….. A photographic highlight reel: My much loved [...]

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{marcy’social} And I want a whip like a lion tamer too please.


I was in San Francisco the last couple of days speaking at the GSMI Blogging Strategies Summit. Guy Kawasaki was the keynote speaker, and I was the ‘closing keynote’ speaker. Which basically is the euphemistic way of saying Guy opened the day and I closed it. And since the speaking world is not at all [...]

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The time I got attacked and all I had was a podium to defend myself.


Alternate Title: Dance/Fight like EVERYONE IS WATCHING. All the time. Saturday I was scheduled to speak at a smaller, local conference. It was a slightly unfamiliar crowd, with heavy focus on developers and codey-backend people. You know, the people who all seem to have beards. Never the less, the conference organizers asked me to give [...]

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Hanging with Mr. Brogan.


  The Three Disneyland Moms. Or otherwise known as The Ginormous Glasses Girls.   Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Disney Social Media Mom conference (along with my Three Disneyland Moms girls seen above) at Walt Disney World, and it was another well planned, enjoyable Disney event. Disney has embraced new/social [...]

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