People who ask me for ‘which ride should I go on first’ when they visit Disneyland, are always a little surprised when I encourage them to plan some of their day around the great shows and entertainment found all over The Disney Resort.  This summer, at the Fantasyland Theater in Disneyland is a fun, fresh and technology rich show that is worth every second of your time. No extra tickets needed- just show up, grab a seat and watch this fun musical revue entertain you and the kids.

Here is a video which includes some great clips of the show-so you can see for yourself!

Oh um, before you watch- my face looks like a lego head and kinda blown up. That is a result of this (more on it later)…but please be gentle and don’t laugh : )

Why yes, that IS a riverboat on stage. Only Disney makes it seem normal.  IMG_1131[1]

And just for fun, I thought I would share these after hours photos I took while exiting the park on this evening…I swear you can almost feel Walt here when it is like this…

IMG_1166[1] IMG_1165[1]IMG_1164[1]

If you haven’t been to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure lately- I encourage you to go. And while you are there, slow down a bit and take in the magic of shows like Mickey’s Magical Map, the new Fantasy Faire experience or my all time favorite- The Billy’s in the Golden Horseshoe Revue.  For more information on all of these live shows- and many more throughout the parks- visit here -and get ready to be entertained!

AdTalk: Nope. I am not hot enough. (Data Age/Journey)


Why is Steve Perry’s neck as wide as his head? And the tank top dude…what ya looking at? I am thinking Mr. five finger there in front is flashing some kind of gang sign to his fellow perm brothers. Aside from all that, lets absorb this ad in all its two-page spread glory: this a [...]

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Jackman Productions presents: Razor Pro XX


We love us some Razor goodness around our house. The boys take them everywhere- and there is almost ALWAYS a few of them in the back of my car. Ya, know…just in case. So when the boys got the new Razor Pro XX  – it was no surprise they would be in love. In fact [...]

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PSA: Something else for the kids to worry about.

School is starting soon (for some of you lucky parents it already has). Which means it is the perfect time to post this public service announcement. Sit down with your kids and discuss this issue. Cooties. It can happen to anyone.

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This parenting moment brought to you by Weird Al.


This weekend I had a religious unforgettable experience, brought to me by none other than Weird Al. As a general rule of thumb I usually stay clear of people with nick names that include ‘Killer’, ‘Strange’ and yes ‘Weird’.  Growing up in So Cal we listened to the wacky local DJ Dr. Demento, pretty faithfully. [...]

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Chris O’Donnell made a video for the Glamorous Life members!


As most of you know- I am the digital voice of Lunchables (as a Weber Shandwick employee) and recently had an opportunity to write an entire script for Chris O’Donnell! Okay fine …not really a script…more like a 30 sec video spot. But whatever…I don’t care, I am pretty much gonna tell my grandkids that [...]

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Look who came to dinner.


A few nights ago, the Wienermobile stopped by my house. Because it is perfectly normal in my life to have a giant food product on wheels in front of my home. The two ‘Hot Doggers”, Maria and Patrick were just finishing up their entire year on the road, and I invited them over for dinner. [...]

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My kid knows how to ride The Wave. And do tricks while doing it. (video)

People ask all the time about Tucker and Jack. I am not kidding. Nearly 90% of the time I meet a reader they ask about my kids. And I get emails from readers who want “MORE of THE BOYS”. Well I am happy to oblige. So here is a little slice of life, after school, [...]

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Seems there are interesting people everywhere. Once I leave my house.

So the other day the power was out , but I had to make a photo enlargement so I ran to my local store and used the Kodak Kiosk. And I made this little video about the whole experience. But while I was there we meet this really nice guy, who explained every single photo [...]

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