“Instead of bowling, Janie decided to entertain the on-lookers with her Irish Jig across the lanes.”


Perhaps inspired by Alice, I have made plans to go BOWLING on a date night with my husband and another couple. I have never really officially bowled before. Oh I have put on the shoes, ordered a beer and even picked out a ball. But I just sorta hovered around and kept letting other people take my turn. But for some reason I have this URGE to bowl this weekend. Now where is my red and white checked skirt for the night? Gosh I hope it isn’t at the dry cleaners with my aprons and party dresses.

UPDATE: Concourse Bowl in Anaheim? They wanted $40 an hour per lane with a 2 hour/ 2 lane minimum. So that is $160 bucks to go bowling! And the reservation girl actually thought she was helping the situation by saying ‘but shoe rental is included’ (which are all of $2.00 according to their site) So I called Lucky Strike in Orange. And I called and I called. NO ANSWER at all. So I twittered them. I emailed them. And now I am waiting. And while I am waiting I called good ol’Yorba Linda Bowl. No fancy sound system or neon lights and the decor at Yorba Linda Bowl is pretty much in a time warp from 1978 but guess what? They answered my call on the FIRST ring and while they don’t take lane reservations…they did tell me it is all of $5.00 a game. So Concourse Bowl? You are officially on my INSANE list. And yes, I have a list.

The classics. As I see it.


Okay the suspense is killing me. Can anyone please tell me WHAT the top secret Christmas-tree shaped project is??? What could it be? One of Marie’s dolls? How about plans for another creepy brother-sister talk show come back? Maybe it is the book of Mormon as told by Father Osmond. Oh someone tell me!

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AlbumTalk: Blame it on Cuba.


In an attempt to distance themselves from their Uncle Castro back in Cuba, the sisters added the ‘De-‘ to their last name when they came to America. The helmet hair and bushy eyebrow trend can only be considered  passive revenge for the whole Bay of Pigs thing. We retaliated with The Jonas Brothers. – - [...]

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My good fortune. Or not.


I am one of those stupid people who actually open up their mass produced fortune cookie after Chinese food with the hope that it will contain actual wisdom passed down to me from Buddha himself. In my HEAD I know they are just made up stupidness printed at a factory in San Francisco, but part [...]

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His off season…


You may recall I saw Santa recently at a car show, and last week I ran into him in Newport. I wasn’t sure at first it was him, but the front of his shirt said ‘North Pole’ and the back? Well, as you can see…I am certain it was HIM.

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The cat isn’t even black.


So I was thinking now that I have become a minister, I might want to start becoming other stuff too. You know just for a killer business card. Marcy Massura Wife, Mother, Blogger, Minister and Mystic Master Witch.   I am particularly attracted to the part in the ad which promises “Freedom From Worry”. I [...]

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My Crabby Fun


Yesterday we had another great time meeting friends at Joes Crab Shack in Newport Beach. (Remember our first visit?) That is my friend Dan showing off this King Crab leg to the table, with the killer Newport Bay view behind. I love this place because your food comes in a bucket, they have endless paper [...]

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AdTalk: What a waste

      Such a shame since he seemed so perfect when he asked her out. Tall, dark and handsome-plus a great VP position in the Marketing department. But now, half way through the evening- all she could think about was getting her hands on a Diet Coke. Next time she will know to ask [...]

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AdTalk: Heavy Regrets

 Very rarely I come across an ad that is just funny all on its own. This one really doesn’t need my help at all. Nothing says ‘alien’ like a guy on his knees with swim fins, a beanie with elastic and a nice red belt. This is from the low effort budget department of the [...]

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