Fifteen years ago it seemed like a perfectly good idea to get married the week after Valentines Day. I  never once thought ‘hey that will kinda be yucky each year to have them so close together’…nope I was all ‘HECK YEAH I AM GETTING MARRIED!’ So I went and got married after a crazy year (read about it all here)…but each year celebrating the two events gets kinda blurred together. Add to that, The Husband hates gifts. Yes, all gifts. So each year I struggle to find a way to commemorate the whole love-marriage thing.

Enter the CLUB 33 idea.

IMG_9431The Husband has always wanted to go to the private dinning club that resides inside Disneyland park. Club 33 has a membership fee of $25,000 and $10,000 a year, but has an 8 year waiting list- so what is a wife to do? Well a friend of a friend came to my rescue- and because people are just NICE- they helped me make this happen*. I wish I could have taken ALL of you along with me…but since that isn’t possible- I tried to capture all of it to show you here.IMG_9433-001

You arrive at the door, which almost always has some Club 33 fans just standing around taking photos and waiting to see who goes in and who goes out. So naturally we took pics too.

Then we were able to lift the brass plate and push a bell to call an attendant. She opened the door and asked our name and then we were let in to the tiniest little foyer ever. “Stairs or lift?” she asked and we stepped into the tiniest vintage elevator to take us one flight. Then we took a selfie. Perhaps The Husbands first ever. We were super excited. Which is indicated by my insane smile.

IMG_9440 IMG_9443

IMG_9447We had a lovely table by the window overlooking New Orleans view of Tom Sawyers Island (I know they changed the name. But it will always be Tom Sawyers Island to me). And yes, you can go out on the balcony and look down and do your best Evita impression. I IMG_9456totally not really did royalty wave to people who were looking up and saying hi.

So after my time out with my the public…we selected our entries, and then went up to buffet stations that had salads, crab legs, soups and all kinds of other goodies (my plate below). Oh, take a look closely at the menu. No prices. In general each person is charged about what a one day park pass would cost (so roughly $100 per person).

IMG_9446 IMG_9454

Yes, it is true. The only place to get alcohol within Disneyland is inside Club 33. So The Husband  did it right and ordered a bottle of bubbly. The wine list was amazing, including having a super rare dessert wine that we adore after being given a case of it as a wedding present.  So also added a few glasses of that at the end of our meal. Hey- WE WERE CELEBRATING 15 consecutive years of MARRIAGE. With EACH OTHER.

IMG_9452 IMG_9451 IMG_9467

Okay. THE FOOD.  Without a doubt this meal was really one of the best we have had. And that is not the champagne talking.

(Picture one is chateaubriand filet and the other is the lamb)

IMG_9472 IMG_9474

THEN, if it all wasn’t perfect enough. Mickey (in his tux!) and Pluto came by to wish us a happy anniversary. I was seriously like 7 years old again. So excited to take a pic it was like a celebrity sighting.


There was an entire dessert buffet to choose from, but the Chef surprised us with this lovely “Happy Anniversary’” plate. The Husband was having such a good time, he even let me take a pic of him.

IMG_9487 IMG_9493-001

Without a doubt this was the best anniversary celebration I have ever had. And it was great to share it with the guy who totally puts up with gets me. I had to stop him from buying every souvenir in the case…in the end we came home with a ‘33’ hat, a ‘33’ coffee mug and wine glasses. But what he really wanted was a member ring. Looks like we will have to wait on that one-unless someone knows how we can get bumped up the list?

Oh it was so nice of Disneyland to have this ‘True Love’ photo opp all set up for us too. Of course it is possible this was there for Valentines day…but I have decided it was just for our anniversary.


*I am sworn to secrecy. So please do not ask for my Club 33 connection. I can not tell you. And I can not get you a reservation. super Sorry.

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