IMG_2877-1 A few nights ago, the Wienermobile stopped by my house. Because it is perfectly normal in my life to have a giant food product on wheels in front of my home. The two ‘Hot Doggers”, Maria and Patrick were just finishing up their entire year on the road, and I invited them over for dinner. And no we did not have hot dogs.

Being an official Hot Dogger is a huge honor and commitment. Thousands of people apply for the job- and only a handful are chosen each year. For an ENTIRE year they live in hotels and are the stars of parades, events and just about anywhere they go. They can work great phrases like ‘Life on the bun” and “Hope to ketchup with you soon!’ into any conversation with ease. They are always filled with personality and are generally smart awesome  BUNDERFUL people.

They blog (, they take a zillion photos of strangers people, create videos, plan events, coordinate with local media outlets and generally act as ambassadors to one of America’s most beloved brands. And they have a great sense of humor…

Needless to say, both my kids are planning on being Hotdoggers when they graduate college. And I think that would be FRANKtastic. : )

Disclosures: I am an employee of Weber Shandwick. Oscar Mayer is a client of Weber Shandwick. I am the Community Manager for Oscar Mayer (nearly 350,000 fans on Facebook! Whoo hoo!) and I didn’t cook the dinner, the husband did. Yup, I think that covers all the disclosures. Oh these opinions of the brands are my own and no one else’s. Cuz I am selfish like that. : )

Hanging with Mr. Brogan.


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