Think you're weird?I admit it, being friends with me can be annoying, confusing and challenging. And that is a revelation that occurred long before I started working for a PR agency.

(For starters? I don’t hug, I may email you at 2am and assume you are awake and I post a large amount of photos of my cat. I am also always giving life advice. Like when you don’t need it. Or want it. Yep. I am loads of fun.)

But that said- there are a few things I have learned over the last couple of years that might make it easier to be friends with someone who dedicates their life to making brands popular.

So here are a few little insights:

1. We mostly really like our brands. We spend a million hours thinking about our brands and their products. We test the products, we devour information on the brand and we personally know the players at high levels in those companies. Which means we want nothing more than those brands to succeed. Don’t ask us for ‘dirt’ about the companies we are staying up late helping become more awesome.

2. If we share a brand activation, content or site on our personal pages it is because more than likely we worked on it personally. We feel connected to the success or failure of it….so using that moment to pee on our rainbow by slamming the brand or offering up some snarky complaint is PERSONAL INSULT. If you don’t like the brand- shut the heck up keep your thoughts to yourself. Remember, many of our clients also follow us socially- so while they might be pleased to see we shared the latest brand thing on our Facebook page- they might not be excited that one of our ‘friends’ thinks ‘they totally suck’. In essence, by leaving your ‘opinion’ you make US LOOK REALLY BAD. And it hurts too- so I repeat SHUT THE HECK UP please keep your negative opinions to yourself.

3. We are sorry with having to write ‘client’ every time we mention or comment on something. But it is a disclosure law- and we actually HAVE to do it. You know, if we want to stay employed.

4. When you have a problem with a brand we represent, please do not contact us to ask us to help get it solved. We have no additional access to say a phone brand’s tech service than you do. We don’t OWN the brand. We work FOR them. Big diff.

5. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask us for free stuff. We don’t get free products from our brands and we also do not have a desk drawer full to hand out to friends. We also can not take you to SXSW, The Super Bowl or to the set filming a commercial.

6. We are sorry when watching TV with us, we yell out ‘client!’ at nearly every other commercial. See #1. We seriously love our brands. And it is exciting to see their advertising in action.

7. We are working all the time. Even when we are not working- we are in fact WORKING. I could apologize for that, but to be honest most of us are deliberately in PR for the high-paced, non-stop action. It was not a surprise to any of us, that this sort of career choice is all consuming. Please don’t tell us ‘you work too much!’- All that means is we like what we do. Bummer you don’t.

What did I miss? Share with me your points : )

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