Dear Mrs. Massura,

You should buy Jack a 3 month subscription to WOW. It would benefit both of us- me by being able to talk to Jack instead of talking to myself. Plus, it would benefit you because you wouldn’t have to listen to him or hear him for a long time. Plus it keeps us out of jail. I haven’t been in jail in like 2 weeks. Even though I have been playing for 4 years, it doesn’t matter. So please, please PLEASE buy him a 3 month subscription.



This is one of Jacks long time good friends. And I always liked him-
but now I think he is extra awesome.
And for the record? I bought the subscription.
Because effort and team work like this needs to be rewarded.

The worst #DisneySMmoms post ever.


Last weekend I was one of 175 invited guests to attend the Disney Social Media conference in Walt Disney World. It is a great event each year that always leaves me brushing off the pixie dust the following week. If you are interested in my business-y analysis of the event, I wrote this fancy article [...]

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Holidays at Disneyland 2011


As you know I am very fortunate with my work with Disney to get to meet and interview all kinds of amazing legends and celebrities. But none as big as the guy in the red suit. Was fun to ask him if he is on Twitter…. (click to play)   Interested in seeing what It’s [...]

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You rocked my (Blog) world.


This week I attended Blog World Expo and New Media conference in Los Angeles. I was thrilled to be asked to present my session all about managing communities online. And while you would imagine the session part to be the main focus- it really was so much more than that. I often use the phrase [...]

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World Trade Center Steel in Yorba Linda, CA


Before I dropped him off on his first day of school this year, Tucker and I visited with the World Trade Center steel at Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA. I will save you the “this is where-i-was-and-this-is-what-I-was-feeling on 9/11 story.” We all have a story. And honestly, it is only our own story [...]

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Family Field Trip: Hollyweird and Venice Beach


Yippee! You get to look at my vacation photos! This is so much easier than setting up the slide machine in the rumpus room and inviting you all over for a pot luck huh? Honestly this post is so long and self indulgent I can’t believe you are still reading. nevertheless… Since nearly everyone and [...]

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