Yorba Linda



He wasn’t in the best mood. He told me he was excited to wear his new vintage bow tie, but he also  tried to convince me that ‘a lot of the kids weren’t even going to the promotion ceremony’…but I was on to him.

And off we went.

As we approached the auditorium, he was greeted by what seemed like hundreds of friends. I watched as these man-boys feeling empowered by their grown up outfits shook hands as they saw each other, and I couldn’t believe my baby- my first born- was amongst these strange testosterone-y creatures. But there he was. I risked mortal embarrassment and grabbed this shot of him and a few of his crew. And I am so glad I did.


He stands apart.

In the middle of it all.

Just different enough to be noticed but same enough to be liked. He is confident and strong and happy. I hope to see the same in photos at his high school graduation only 4 years away.

IMG_8303Jack surprised me, and asked me to take this photo with one of his favorite teachers. Who clearly shares his wacky sense of humor…Thank you Mr. Marcoly for teaching my kid Social Studies. Clearly he is mastering the social part.

Eventually the promotion ceremony happened. Speeches. Talks. and then each name was read and a photo was taken. As you can see, Jack was in rare form.



Congrats Cracker Jack.

I am so in love with you. Now don’t screw it up and become an annoying high schooler k?

Love, Mom.


A table for three.


It was a perfect night.      I was exhausted from travel and work- and his baseball try-outs were cancelled due to rain. It was a perfect night. We were already out of the house, and I decided to take him to one of my favorite places in town. A place I realized I tend [...]

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SkyWatch Friday

IMG_5070 copy

Yorba Linda, CA He will play until the sky is completely dark if I let him… and on this night, I let him. * * This is a SkyWatch Submission

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Sometimes a little less boob can be a good thing.

Okay so you all have heard about Twitter ad nauseum at this point (thank you Oprah). And yet, here is another post about it. Lucky you. Actually this post was inspired after I received a email which asked rather boldly “I am following you, but you are not following me. May I ask why?”, to [...]

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